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Day 15 Gratitude Challenge

Today this stood out for me at Nicole’s post:

For us to truly facilitate that state of healing, we need to do our best to step out of resistance and into flow.

Those of you who have been in my classes know I teach a “Making Peace Process” that facilitates stepping out of resistance and into the flow of life – the flow of wellness.

What that basically is – is making peace with whatever is going on in the moment. What Is – Is – You can’t change what has gone on… and your resistance to it will keep you in conflict. If I have resistance – my attention is on that thing I don’t like … which means I am actually calling that thing to me with my vibration!

If I continue to turn my attention to something I appreciate …. I continue to step back into that flow of life…

Here is my list of 5 things I appreciate today:

  1. I appreciate my body! I’m not 7 anymore … so this body has been working for quite a few years!Β  πŸ˜‰
  2. I appreciate that there is always something to appreciate! It’s true – no matter what is going on – you can always find something to appreciate which will give you some relief and start to bring you back to that flow…
  3. I appreciate that I have choices – I can choose how to respond to a situation … and I can change that response at any given time.
  4. I appreciate my willingness to pay attention to how I feel – When I am aware of me … I can then take whatever steps feel right for me to bring me to my balance.
  5. I appreciate all the different modalities I can turn to when I’m out of balance … and find which ones are appropriate for me.

Come and step into the flow of life and share what you appreciate with us!Β  πŸ˜‰

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Day 14 Gratitude Challenge

OK – So I missed another day here… To make a long story short – I tried to get into this website the other evening and couldn’t get in!? Tried a few different things … then contacted my support team for the server. That is when I found out someone had hacked into this website …. and also accessed 10 other websites!

The good news is … I must have caught it just as it happened so there was minimal damage and the support team was able to locate & delete the suspicious files and reinstall the user folders. I was up till 5AM making sure this all got done…

I got up the next day around 10AM and spent the day making sure all of my websites with wordpress were updated with the latest version as well as updated themes and plugins. It was time consuming and one of the sites needed lots of tweaking ….

When I read Day 14 from Nicole’s blog this stood out for me:

When we are grateful for the athletic ability, health, physicality and wellbeing of those around us, we also draw those qualities towards ourselves.

Nicole was talking about the athletes in the Olympics … for me – it is being grateful and appreciative of all the people who were there for me to get these websites back up and running.

And taking that further … it is about all the people in our lives. The person behind the cash register, the postman, the crews who fix the roads, the farmer who plants the vegetables. The people do not have to be in your neighborhood … there are so many people involved in our day to day life that we never even see.

Sometimes in my busy day … I forget about all those people – today I remembered and I do appreciate them and the quality of life they provide for us all.

Here are 5 things I appreciate about others:

  1. I so appreciate the tech guys who worked on this and the other websites. We were in constant contact for several hours as they told me what was going on and had me test a few things. They did a great job and got everything back up AOK!Β  πŸ™‚
  2. I appreciate the people on the forum for my theme. What a great group of people … these folks don’t even get paid and went out of their way to help me get some code I needed for one of the sites.
  3. I appreciate all forums! When I was first introduced to forums – I was blown away how many people would answer questions … and go out of their way to help a person they didn’t know, never saw and might never interact with again. Absolutely reenforced my belief that most people are nice and willing to help.
  4. I appreciate the store clerks and workers I met today … people going out of their way to hold a door … smiling people who were eager to help.
  5. I appreciate the woman who handed me a can of cranberry sauce when she saw I had put a rotisserie turkey breast in my cart. This is a story I will explain in a moment –Β  πŸ˜‰

If you follow my other website – – You know I just wrote an article “Abra Cadabra – Manifest Now” which was all about instant manifesting. Today I was in a really good space… Yes this website deal kept me up till 5AM and then it took me an entire day to sort things out… But – I encountered such helpful people that made this all go so smoothly… I was truly in appreciation!

I was in the supermarket and saw they had rotisserie turkey breast – As I put it in my cart – I thought to myself “Carol would really enjoy cranberry sauce with this…. I wonder what aisle it is in?” And right in front of me there was a woman handing me a can of cranberry sauce! I kid you not!

This was not a store clerk – she was shopping just like me. She said to me “I think you might want this” I was speechless for a moment! This was absolute instant manifestation! I was smiling so big … and asked her “Why are you giving this to me?” As I was asking I had this giddy thought in my head “I just manifested this!” She then told me – she saw I had the turkey and she too was buying one … she had picked up this can of cranberry sauce and realized it was jellied and she needed the berries… so she thought I might need this. My smile was huge! Jellied is the kind that Carol likes! I said a Big Thank You and off we went!

So this all brings me back to that statement from Nicole and the important fact … when you recognize and appreciate a quality in others – you activate it in yourself and you put out that vibration which will attract it to you. This is the Law of Attraction at work!Β  πŸ˜‰

This story … just reenforces what I say so often …. “If you take the time to appreciate – your day will be filled with things to appreciate!”

So … come on … Tell me what you appreciate today!Β  πŸ˜€



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All Of Me

by Ellie

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Day 12 Gratitude Challenge

Today Nicole talks about loving our bodies. You loving and appreciating You!

She choose a Wayne Dyer quote that I really like: β€œBegin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.” ~ Wayne Dyer

I used to be very, very critical of me … Years ago I heard this statement on a tape program “Every human being does the absolute best they are capable of doing, given with what is going on in their lives at that particular moment.”

This was life changing for me!

When I became aware of my internal dialogue to myself – I was truly shocked. I would never talk to another being like that! I already knew that you don’t build self esteem and confidence by talking down to someone … I needed to apply that rule also to me!

I set out to learn unconditional love … for me. To give myself a break… talk nice to me … be kind to me… to appreciate and love all of me! And the kinder I got to me – the kinder I got to everyone around me! The more I understood … we really are all doing the best we can at each moment … and instead of criticizing it … we should be celebrating and appreciating it!

Here are the 5 things I appreciate about me:

  1. I appreciate my body – how it has supported me through these years.
  2. I appreciate how I am willing to grow, learn and expand.
  3. I appreciate that I have a very active mind … filled with lots and lots of ideas that could probably fill several lifetimes!Β  πŸ˜‰
  4. I appreciate my awareness of my body – how I am able to pick up on signals my body gives me if there is a sign of illness coming about and then I am able to get in front of it and stay healthy.
  5. I appreciate my connection to vibration – how I am able to be guided by a higher source for myself as well as for my clients.

Today I can have these above appreciations because I have been appreciating me! The more I appreciated and loved me … the more I became connected with that higher life source that is guiding us all!

Share with with us, in the comments, what you appreciate about you and get connected to that higher source that is always loving and appreciating you!

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What Do You Appreciate Today?


by Ellie

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Day 11 Gratitude Challenge

I’ve jumped a few days here … as I’ve been away from the computer on a mini-vacation. We were headed to Mohican island on Lake George NY to go camping with some good friends. The weather had other plans and the rangers were warning about severe storms on the island. So…. We readjusted and “camped” out at a nearby lodge!Β  Which worked out great as they had an indoor water park! It was indeed great fun!Β  πŸ˜‰

For Day 11 Nicole speaks about joy … As I read her post – I thought about how I have heard people ask “What brings you joy?” and I was thinking … the better question is – “Where do you bring joy?” Joy is a state of being … it is the feeling of love. You bring it where ever you bring appreciation / gratitude.

Nicole gives a great exercise that she calls bliss bombing – I recommend you read it.Β  πŸ™‚

Here is my list of 5 things I appreciate… and when I am appreciating …. I am bringing joy!Β  πŸ˜‰

  1. I appreciate good friends that I can laugh and enjoy life with.
  2. I appreciate being able to find the opportunity within all situations … and turn a camping trip gone bad into a camping trip we will never forget!
  3. I appreciate heartfelt conversations with like-minded people.
  4. I appreciate the rain that has fallen in the last few days … as I can see the grass and flowers responding to it.
  5. I appreciate that my appreciation put me into this wonderful state of joy!Β  πŸ˜€

Now I am off to appreciate and share this state of joy … or as Nicole calls it – to create some bliss bombs. Please share with us what you appreciate here in the comments … and don’t forget to visit over at

Β <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

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Jumping back in here real quick to tell you about a special feature on this site.

When you are reading the comments – you can add your appreciation for a person’s comment by clicking on the green thumbs up! (see image below) Each click on the thumb will count up the number.

Such a great way to support and uplift each other!



If you have a blog and want to add this feature you can get all the info at the plugin website:

So go ahead… add your comments and your appreciation for others comments too!Β  πŸ˜‰


What Do You Appreciate Today?

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Day 7 Gratitude Challenge

I Appreciate Money!

You do … don’t you?! It is a tool that we utilize in our daily living… Yet many times people are mad at money. Being mad at money is the best way to keep it away from you!

If you have anger, frustration, fear around money … you are literally holding the door closed to it. Start appreciating it – be thankful for the money you have in your life .. and open that door!

Nicole has written a great post on this today –

Here are the 5 things I Appreciate today:

  1. I appreciate money!
  2. I appreciate the things money can buy.
  3. I appreciate my bills: Having bills means I have items and services that I enjoy.
  4. I appreciate knowing money is energy: Energy is always flowing… Money is not different – I just have to keep appreciating it and the flow will get stronger & stronger!
  5. I appreciate wealth: Wealth is abundance … abundance of health, friends, love, knowledge, and more … it is all energy and it is all flowing.

The more you appreciate – the more things you will have to appreciate! Keep the flow flowing!Β  πŸ˜€

Please share what you appreciate today…..


What Do You Appreciate Today?

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Day 6 – Gratitude Challenge

Are you appreciating all the abundance that flows in your life?

Here are 5 things I appreciate today:

  1. The abundance of breezes here on the hill: Lots wind today not too little and not too much. I love hearing it rustle through the leaves and I love feeling it come through the windows.
  2. The abundance of rain yesterday: The rain finally came yesterday … on and off – nurturing the flowers, grass & trees.
  3. The abundance of summer days: We’ve had lots of summer days this year. Bright sunshine, warm temps – gorgeous weather!Β  πŸ˜‰
  4. The abundance of ideas in my head: I used to be frustrated by all the ideas that run around in my head. Now I have learned to bless them and appreciate the flow.
  5. The abundance of love: Love is always abundant… always flowing. If you want more love in your life – you just need to put more out.

At the Gratitude Challenge – Nicole gives some great ideas about money. I like when she says “Every time you pull money from your pocket, or your wallet, give thanks.” You can read it all at Day 6

What do you appreciate today? Are you aware of the abundance flow in your life?

Please share here – or join me at the facebook page –Β



What Do You Appreciate Today?

Simple Things

by Ellie

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Day 5 – Gratitude Challenge

Today as I read Day 5 of the Gratitude Challenge – a big smile comes across my face. Nicole speaks about the little things, the simple things …

Those are the things we have a tendency to forget about. We have a tendency to want to be wowed with the big stuff. Yet… focusing back on those simple things empower them.

Think about that – If you raised your awareness to consistently find a simple thing to appreciate… your vibration will be filled with appreciation. If I’m sending out appreciation … that is what will come back to me – that is the law of attraction at work!

As Nicole points out our brains have been programmed away from the simple pleasures … This is what I teach! How to come out of the fog of these old story habits and create new empowering stories that uplift and honor you!

Doing this challenge for 30 days will create those new stories that uplift you!

Yes… you will have days that you will encounter resistance. Here is a tip for those days – Appreciate the resistance! Appreciate that you are aware it is present – take a deep breath and embrace it. Why would you want to do that? As you embrace it – you actually start to shift it and you will feel it start to soften. You are interrupting that old programming and creating new stories that will uplift you.

Here are 5 simple things that I appreciate today:

  1. Coffee – I always appreciate coffee!
  2. Hummingbirds – This morning I was watching them at the feeder – They always put a smile on my face.
  3. Warm breezes – Hearing them softly rustle through the trees and feeling it’s soft caress on my face.
  4. Where I live – I was born & raised in the city … but I’ve always been a country girl at heart.
  5. My computer – How I am able to communicate and make friends across the world.

What do you appreciate today?

Share it with us and start your Appreciation Vibration!

HugsΒ  πŸ˜€


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Yes … I’m back! And… Yes that is me holding those rocks!

Why am I back and Why am I holding rocks?

My good friend Suzie Cheel told me about aΒ  30 day Gratitude Challenge that her friend Nicole was doing on her website. Off to the website I went and read all the info. At #2 she said get a gratitude rock … Well she hooked me right then … because I am obsessed with rocks! I love rocks … big, small, fancy, plain … I am truly obsessed!Β  πŸ˜€

And of course to talk about Gratitude … I call it Appreciation … but it is the same vibration … which is the energy of Love.

I’m starting out at Day 4 – it doesn’t matter when you join … Come on in an join us!

You can read all about the 30 days to Gratitude at Nicole’s blog.

1) I have my journal .. which I already use on a daily basis.
2) I have 2 rocks! It was very hard for me to just pick one!Β  πŸ˜‰
3) And I’m willing to put the time in to do this…

Here is my short version of today’s journal of 5 things :

  1. Rocks … I don’t know why … but I feel totally connected to them!
  2. Summer Days … I am totally a warm-climate kinda gal. I love the sunshine, the warm breezes, the flower & trees, and hearing the birds sing their songs.
  3. Friendships … Nicole talked about friendships on Day 4 . I have many friendships to be grateful for. And because of the internet I have friends whom I never even met in person … yet our connection runs deep.
  4. Butterflies … This morning while I was writing I was greeted by so many butterflies – I am always thrilled when they visit.
  5. Website skills… I was going to start the 30 days 2 days ago … but this site needed to be updated. Which turned out to be an interesting experience!Β  😯   So it took much longer than I had planned … but it is up and running and I do appreciate that!Β  πŸ˜‰

Lets keep these good vibes going …. Let me know what you are grateful for, what you appreciate. You can comment here and you can also join me over at my facebook page:Β


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Rainy Days

by Ellie

Today I Appreciate the Rainy Days

Today I Appreciate….

  • Rainy Days – Sunday was a rainy day… The morning started with the rain falling so sweetly… I went out on the porch and I swear I could hear the trees, grass and flowers singing a sweet tune with the rain.

I could hear them all appreciate this life giving rain… appreciate the nourishment… appreciate the abundance… appreciate the balance this rain provides for them all….

And… as I stood on the porch listening I found myself in-tune with their song… in-tune with the perfection and abundance of life…

Appreciating both the Sun and the Rain in my life …. Knowing the experience of one is hindered without the other.

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