December 2009

My Jeep

by Ellie December 31, 2009
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I appreciate my Jeep – I understand now when people say “it’s a jeep thing” — I have this car for 6 years and I still enjoy driving it!

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by Ellie December 30, 2009
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Today I appreciate giving gifts and I have a gift that will help you create the New Year you desire!

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A Fabulous Birthday Celebration

by Ellie December 29, 2009
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This is a birthday I will certainly remember…. I was swamped with birthday wishes…What a great way to be swamped! So much love surrounded me I was full of love!

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My Birthday

by Ellie December 28, 2009
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Today is my birthday and I am celebrating and appreciating! Today I am 8 yrs old — Well the essence of 8 ….

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My Career

by Ellie December 27, 2009
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As Abraham Hicks says – our lifetime career is to seek joy. When you seek joy first all the growth you can imagine will come joyously to you.

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A Perfect Christmas Day

by Ellie December 26, 2009
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Nice quiet day with my partner & bestest friend and lots of Happy Holiday emails. Perfect Day!

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Merry Christmas

by Ellie December 25, 2009
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I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Merry Day – every day!

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A Skype Birthday Party

by Ellie December 24, 2009
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People from around the globe were able to connect and talk with each other using their computers to wish Suzie a Happy Birthday. This was my first ever Skype Birthday Party!

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The Winter Solstice

by Ellie December 23, 2009
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Monday, Dec 21st was the winter solstice and the shortest day of the year. Which means now the days are getting longer…

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Christmas Lights

by Ellie December 22, 2009
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As we pass those houses that have Christmas Light I say “Thank You” Thank You for getting out there and doing all this decorating which brings joy to so many people.

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