January 2010

Visitors in our Yard

by Ellie January 31, 2010
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We had 4 visitors in our yard today – whitetail deer. I’m always thrilled when they come and visit… It is one of the reasons I so appreciate living here.

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Big Bright Light

by Ellie January 30, 2010
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Last night I looked out and was amazed at how lit up our yard was. That moon was so big and so bright I was sure it was full… but I checked and it will be full tonight.

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Winning Contests

by Ellie January 29, 2010
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Last week I entered a book giveaway and today I found out I Won Mike Dooley’s book Lost in Space

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The Sun Peeking Out

by Ellie January 28, 2010
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Do you purposely think about memories that make you smile?

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by Ellie January 27, 2010
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Today was a day of thoughts and ideas flowing …. Daydreaming. It was an inspiring and soothing journey.

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Connecting with Others

by Ellie January 26, 2010
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We meet people in various ways…. Some we are introduced to by a mutual friend, some we meet at a party – in a book store – on the internet.

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Hands Reaching Out to Uplift

by Ellie January 25, 2010
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I have been filled with the response of the world to help uplift Haiti and the Haitian people.

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by Ellie January 24, 2010
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10 relaxing days in PR reminded me of this statement – “You are not a Human Doing … You are a Human Being”

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I’m Back

by Ellie January 23, 2010
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This morning it is 7 degrees – in Rincon most days were 86 — Are you sure you appreciate that you are back Ellie?

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The Joy in Writing

by Coryelle January 22, 2010
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Doing the daily writings for this site has made me remember I get a lot of joy from writing. Making time everyday to sit at the computer and think of things that I wanted to appreciate felt good.

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