February 2010

Roof Raking ?!

by Ellie February 28, 2010
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Yes we were raking our roof yesterday…. I don’t even rake my yard so this was definitely a new experience for me!

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Getting Up the Driveway (well at least half way)

by Ellie February 27, 2010
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We have over 45 inches of snow in just 3 days – today I was able to get out to go to the stores…. but getting up my driveway can be interesting….

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Over 40 Inches of Snow!

by Ellie February 26, 2010
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Over 40 inches of snow and more might be coming! Looking out into my yard … I keep think Spring is coming!

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by Ellie February 25, 2010
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How can I appreciate Spring when we just got over 20″ of snow? This is winter’s last hurrah –Spring is truly on it’s way…

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Bugs in My Eyes….

by Ellie February 24, 2010
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The dogs risk getting bugs in their eyes because it is a small price to pay for the exhilaration of the thrill of the ride!

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A New Day

by Ellie February 23, 2010
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The promise of a each day — the knowing that this day is filled with opportunities just for me. This crisp new day..

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A Made by Grandma Afghan

by Ellie February 22, 2010
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I received a call from my niece yesterday evening… “Ellie I need a favor. I left the afghan that Grandma made me at the house in Windham. Will you go get it?”

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Forgetting Things…

by Ellie February 21, 2010
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Do I really appreciate forgetting things?! Well I do appreciate finding the opportunity in everything that happens…

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Everything Always Works Out For Me

by Ellie February 20, 2010
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Everything really does work out – doesn’t it? Things that once looked so bad somehow cleared up… Take note of this flow of love in your life and rest within that serenity.

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Snow Tubing

by Ellie February 19, 2010
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Truth is I appreciate sand and grass more than snow.. The reason I went snow tubing was so I could play with my family. I do appreciate them!

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