March 2010

Keeping My Hands in My Pockets

by Ellie March 31, 2010
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Instead of pointing a finger at someone else – I can take full responsibility for my life! The good and the not so good!

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Law of Attraction Focus Group

by Ellie March 30, 2010
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It is always an honor and a privilege for me to work with this group! As they raise their awareness and expand their lives… my life is also expanded! It is an awesome experience!

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The Alphabet Game

by Ellie March 29, 2010
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Here is a game that is sure to put you into a peaceful sleep for the night…

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Nature & Technology

by Ellie March 28, 2010

Today as I sat at my computer I was able to see the deer and turkey grazing in our backyard as I was also watching Molly the barn owl in California in her nest.

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All Is Well

by Carol March 27, 2010
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The more these contrasting situations arise, the more I become aware and “know” that I just need to relax into the solution and let it in — get out of the way. All IS well!

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Walking Through the Open Doors

by Ellie March 26, 2010
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Are you walking through the open doors in your path?

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A Bird in My Head!

by Ellie March 25, 2010
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How could you not appreciate it when a small finch decides to land in your head and hang out for awhile?!

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Coming Home

by Ellie March 24, 2010

While I had an Awesome time on this vacation …. there is always that warm fuzzy feeling when I walk in the door of our house… Ahhh I’m home.

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by Carol March 23, 2010
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Sometimes you have an expectation that doesn’t show up the way you envisioned… You could sulk about it … or find the opportunities within it.

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Meeting New Friends

by Ellie March 22, 2010
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While we were on the cruise we met so many new friends! Some we interacted with often throughout our stay and others we met briefly on the elevator, on line for breakfast or on our way to an excursion.

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