April 2010

So Many Things…

by Carol April 26, 2010
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So what’s the common denominator here – seems to be fun and good times. Yes, I do appreciate that!

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A Magnificent Week

by Ellie April 19, 2010
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You have a choice today… You can see the week before you as a regular week or you can proclaim it to be “Magnificent Week”

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New Directions

by Ellie April 17, 2010
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It’s time for a change at this website… So I will be posting once a week, on Mondays —

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by Ellie April 16, 2010
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Half way to the train station I got a message that the train was going to be late. I could get upset or I could go get a chocolate shake….

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The Law of The Universe

by Ellie April 15, 2010
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Everything is working in perfect order – I don’t have to yet see that perfect order – I don’t have to fret – I don’t have to worry – I can just Be and Know The Laws of the Universe are orchestrating to bring perfect balance to us all.

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Spring Growth

by Ellie April 14, 2010
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I absolutely adore this time of the year… as everyday brings something new!

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Your Feedback

by Ellie April 13, 2010
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I’ve been thinking about changing the format of this site and I would absolutely appreciate your feedback.

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A Really Nice Weekend

by Ellie April 12, 2010
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But both of us were aware of ourselves.. We each took time to appreciate and take care of ourselves… And the weekend was such a Joy!

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Taking a Nap

by Ellie April 11, 2010
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‘m not normally a nap person…. Yesterday around 7pm – I felt myself getting so sleepy… and we had company! Now there was a time I would have made myself stay awake… but …..

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Taking Care of Myself

by Carol April 10, 2010

That led me to realize that I was putting too much pressure on myself and was not taking care of myself. How good it is to put myself first, and then everything else falls into place – what seemed like a responsibility is now a pleasure.

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