July 2012

All Of Me

by Ellie July 30, 2012
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While you may be appreciating things and situations in your life… Are you taking the time to appreciate you … your body… your mind … All of you?

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by Ellie July 29, 2012
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People ask “What brings you joy?” and I was thinking … the better question is – “Where do you bring joy?” Joy is a state of being … it is the feeling of love. You bring it where ever you bring appreciation / gratitude.

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Extra Appreciation for Today

by Ellie July 25, 2012

Extra Appreciation today… wanted to let you all know of a special feature on this website – where you can Appreciate the comments. Such a great way to support and uplift each other!

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Money, Money, Money, Money

by Ellie July 25, 2012
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I Appreciate Money! You do … don’t you?! It is a tool that we utilize in our daily living… Yet many times people are mad at money. Being mad at money is the best way to keep it away from you!

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Abundance is Flowing

by Ellie July 24, 2012
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Abundance is flowing … are you appreciating all the abundance that flows in your life? Day 6 of the Gratitude Challenge…

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Simple Things

by Ellie July 23, 2012
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Simple Things- those are the things we have a tendency to forget about. We have a tendency to want to be wowed with the big stuff. Yet… focusing back on those simple things empower them.

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Rocks, Friendships & Summer Days

by Ellie July 22, 2012
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Join me on the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge that will change your life.

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