A Busy Day

by Ellie

Busy Bee Busy Day

Today I Appreciate….

  • A Busy Day – Yesterday we had lots to get done…. Left the house at 12 Noon to start our journey to Albany. Albany is about 1 hr from where we live…. We went to the hairdresser – then the bank – then to Walmart – onto the Pet store – stop at the drug store – onto a house a friend is rehabbing – then to the diner to meet with real estate investors…. Back home around 10:30 pm.

We were busy bees — and it all unfolded so smoothly — with lots of conversation and laughter. We even ended up in a spot at rush hour which we normally try to avoid as it gets so backed up… While there were lots of cars on the road – everything was moving smoothly – no backups!

A Perfect Busy Day! 🙂

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1 Maryann January 6, 2010 at 12:38 pm

I appreciate the pretty good parking spot I got today in the garage. I had a dental appointment this morning and arrived at the garage later than usual. This typically means a spot on the roof, 7 floors up! I asked POM for a spot on the lower levels by an elevator and I got one. Hurrah!

I appreciate the really nice people in my dental office. So effiecient, nice and very competent. I have no worries when I go there.

I appreciate my supervisors, who know a lot about the law that governs much of what we do at my job. When I asked for some guidance, they quickly remedied the situation and I no longer have this issue on my desk. They also kindly explained some of this law, which should help me in the future.

I appreciate, since I had an appointment this morning, having a little extra time to dawdle this morning.

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2 Sydney K Allen January 6, 2010 at 2:18 pm

I appreciate the down throw that I received for Christmas last year more than ever for its ability to block the chilly gusts coming through the air intake in my office

I appreciate auto deposit of my paycheck and all the bank fees it has saved me from

I appreciate my LTLOA coffee mug being on my desk – it is a wonderful reminder to step back and look for the discoveries.

I appreciate the discovery of the connection between feeling over extended/committed and feelings of impatience/irritability… time to shorten that TO DO list and stop shoulding on myself

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3 Carol January 6, 2010 at 2:34 pm

I LOVE MY NEW SOCKS. While at Walmart yesterday, Ellie found just the type socks I have been looking for. I appreciate that.

So many things to appreciate – the ability to go to a warm place for 10 days soon – waiting to see if the bid my new real estate partner placed in our behalf will be accepted — expansion of Ellie’s work (I am always in awe of the work she does and the networking she does — nearly all from her computer at home)

Hah! I nearly backed my car into the pond on Monday trying to get up out driveway. Our snow plow person and his wife came yesterday and got it out and back on track — Boy, do I appreciate them!

And yes, I got a decent parking space at work today. Wednesdays I come in later, and often have to park way up the hill. Not today! I appreciate that.

One boss brought in donuts to work, and the other a beautiful tray of candy for us all to share. With my sweet tooth, I appreciate that!

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