About TIA

Today I Appreciate, TIA, has been born from Appreciation!

How to use TIA:

  • Read and Enjoy
  • Share your appreciations in the comment section – What do You Appreciate Today?
  • Vote on the other appreciations – Each appreciation comment has a green thumbs up – If you click on that you are adding to the number of appreciations.  😉

When to use TIA:

  • Start your day – Starting your day with appreciation will be sure to put a smile on your face!
  • Take an appreciation break during the day
  • If you need an appreciation boost
  • End your day – What a great way to go to sleep – full of appreciation!

Who is behind TIA?

Ellie Walsh

Ellie Walsh -- "The Appreciator"

Ellie Walsh – I have been dubbed “The Appreciator”

Anyone who knows me, who has attended any of my classes, groups or workshops, local or online… know without a shadow of a doubt – how often I spread the “Appreciation Message”

I advocate appreciation always (all ways) — If we took the time everyday to turn our attention to the things we love, which is appreciation, we would not have the time to complain about the things we don’t like!

If you enjoy TIA – I think you will enjoy my main website – Living the Law of Attraction

If you have any questions or comments – Please use the contact form.

I hope you enjoy and share TIA!  I do appreciate you all! 😀