Abundance is Flowing

by Ellie

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Day 6 – Gratitude Challenge

Are you appreciating all the abundance that flows in your life?

Here are 5 things I appreciate today:

  1. The abundance of breezes here on the hill: Lots wind today not too little and not too much. I love hearing it rustle through the leaves and I love feeling it come through the windows.
  2. The abundance of rain yesterday: The rain finally came yesterday … on and off – nurturing the flowers, grass & trees.
  3. The abundance of summer days: We’ve had lots of summer days this year. Bright sunshine, warm temps – gorgeous weather!  😉
  4. The abundance of ideas in my head: I used to be frustrated by all the ideas that run around in my head. Now I have learned to bless them and appreciate the flow.
  5. The abundance of love: Love is always abundant… always flowing. If you want more love in your life – you just need to put more out.

At the Gratitude Challenge – Nicole gives some great ideas about money. I like when she says “Every time you pull money from your pocket, or your wallet, give thanks.” You can read it all at Day 6

What do you appreciate today? Are you aware of the abundance flow in your life?

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What Do You Appreciate Today?

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