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Day 14 Gratitude Challenge

OK – So I missed another day here… To make a long story short – I tried to get into this website the other evening and couldn’t get in!? Tried a few different things … then contacted my support team for the server. That is when I found out someone had hacked into this website …. and also accessed 10 other websites!

The good news is … I must have caught it just as it happened so there was minimal damage and the support team was able to locate & delete the suspicious files and reinstall the user folders. I was up till 5AM making sure this all got done…

I got up the next day around 10AM and spent the day making sure all of my websites with wordpress were updated with the latest version as well as updated themes and plugins. It was time consuming and one of the sites needed lots of tweaking ….

When I read Day 14 from Nicole’s blog this stood out for me:

When we are grateful for the athletic ability, health, physicality and wellbeing of those around us, we also draw those qualities towards ourselves.

Nicole was talking about the athletes in the Olympics … for me – it is being grateful and appreciative of all the people who were there for me to get these websites back up and running.

And taking that further … it is about all the people in our lives. The person behind the cash register, the postman, the crews who fix the roads, the farmer who plants the vegetables. The people do not have to be in your neighborhood … there are so many people involved in our day to day life that we never even see.

Sometimes in my busy day … I forget about all those people – today I remembered and I do appreciate them and the quality of life they provide for us all.

Here are 5 things I appreciate about others:

  1. I so appreciate the tech guys who worked on this and the other websites. We were in constant contact for several hours as they told me what was going on and had me test a few things. They did a great job and got everything back up AOK!  🙂
  2. I appreciate the people on the forum for my theme. What a great group of people … these folks don’t even get paid and went out of their way to help me get some code I needed for one of the sites.
  3. I appreciate all forums! When I was first introduced to forums – I was blown away how many people would answer questions … and go out of their way to help a person they didn’t know, never saw and might never interact with again. Absolutely reenforced my belief that most people are nice and willing to help.
  4. I appreciate the store clerks and workers I met today … people going out of their way to hold a door … smiling people who were eager to help.
  5. I appreciate the woman who handed me a can of cranberry sauce when she saw I had put a rotisserie turkey breast in my cart. This is a story I will explain in a moment –  😉

If you follow my other website – – You know I just wrote an article “Abra Cadabra – Manifest Now” which was all about instant manifesting. Today I was in a really good space… Yes this website deal kept me up till 5AM and then it took me an entire day to sort things out… But – I encountered such helpful people that made this all go so smoothly… I was truly in appreciation!

I was in the supermarket and saw they had rotisserie turkey breast – As I put it in my cart – I thought to myself “Carol would really enjoy cranberry sauce with this…. I wonder what aisle it is in?” And right in front of me there was a woman handing me a can of cranberry sauce! I kid you not!

This was not a store clerk – she was shopping just like me. She said to me “I think you might want this” I was speechless for a moment! This was absolute instant manifestation! I was smiling so big … and asked her “Why are you giving this to me?” As I was asking I had this giddy thought in my head “I just manifested this!” She then told me – she saw I had the turkey and she too was buying one … she had picked up this can of cranberry sauce and realized it was jellied and she needed the berries… so she thought I might need this. My smile was huge! Jellied is the kind that Carol likes! I said a Big Thank You and off we went!

So this all brings me back to that statement from Nicole and the important fact … when you recognize and appreciate a quality in others – you activate it in yourself and you put out that vibration which will attract it to you. This is the Law of Attraction at work!  😉

This story … just reenforces what I say so often …. “If you take the time to appreciate – your day will be filled with things to appreciate!”

So … come on … Tell me what you appreciate today!  😀



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1 Carol August 1, 2012 at 11:34 pm

I appreciate my business partners who take care of most of the ongoings and details that need to be tended to, while I take care of what I think is the easy part. A big thank you to them!

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2 Carol August 2, 2012 at 12:15 pm

Today, I am so mindful of the beautiful, warm summer I have so been enjoying. Another gorgeous day today! Thank you Universe……… It allows me the mindset to manifest this year round.

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3 Elizabeth June 4, 2014 at 6:59 am

I love that I’ve found this page.
I appreciate being able to eat whatever I want and that my body metabolism has stabilised.
I appreciate all the happy and uplifting people I meet on the internet.
I appreciate the encouragement and stimulation I get from facebook.
I appreciate having a fun conversation with one of my sons and his friend today.
I appreciate being able to save material from some old websites that’s been such a hoot to look through again.
I appreciate the fun I’m having and that when I asked for help and relaxed … help came. Thank you xox

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