Inspiring Moments…

by Coryelle February 15, 2010
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For the last 3 days I have enjoyed watching, clapping, cheering and seeing all the inspiring moments from the 2010 Olympics Games from Vancouver Canada. Last night one stood out for me among all the rest.

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The Joy in Writing

by Coryelle January 22, 2010
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Doing the daily writings for this site has made me remember I get a lot of joy from writing. Making time everyday to sit at the computer and think of things that I wanted to appreciate felt good.

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by Coryelle January 21, 2010
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Laughing is healing, it is cleansing, but mostly it is just a HECK of a lot of fun!

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by Coryelle January 20, 2010
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I got a eCard today! When I see one in my Inbox it makes me so happy!
This one, someone sent it to me just because they were thinking of me. How great is that!

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My Cat Sam….

by Coryelle January 19, 2010
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My Cat Sam makes me laugh more than some people that I know, he is always happy to see me, he sings, he is a teacher of allowing, he is my friend….he is my cat Sam.

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Being Able To Say “I Surrender”….

by Coryelle January 18, 2010
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“UNCLE, UNCLE!” Remember saying those words when you were a kid? Today, I have no problem saying the words, in fact I appreciate them very much.

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Blue Skies and 42 Degrees….

by Coryelle January 17, 2010
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I got so excited today when I looked at the thermometer and it read 42 degrees! I ran outside, looked up and saw the blue sky and a big smile came on my face.

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Taking a Quiet Moment….

by Coryelle January 16, 2010
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The quiet moments that I take not only at the start and end of my day but all the others in between, allow me to flow all through the day.

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Digital Photography….

by Coryelle January 15, 2010
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I appreciate the convenience of digital photography! It is so much more fun to share, showcase and find photos.

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Inner Beauty….

by Coryelle January 14, 2010
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Being able to see a person’s inner beauty is something to be appreciated.

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