Being Able To Say “I Surrender”….

by Coryelle


Today I Appreciate….

  • Being Able To Say “I Surrender” – “UNCLE, UNCLE!” Remember saying those words when you were a kid? Usually it had to do with someone giving you an Indian Burn, or a Purple Nurple, or having your head squeezed in a good old fashion head lock.

You would say those words ONLY as a last resort, you would hold out until the last possible millisecond, when you just could not take it anymore, THEN and ONLY then would you say it.

And when you finally SAID them…”Oh brother”! There was such shame in uttering those words. Just in the knowing that other people heard you say them out loud.

That you heard yourself say them out loud… “ugh” 🙁

Today, I have no problem saying the words, in fact I appreciate them very much. I say it to the Universe but I’m really saying it myself. I’m poking fun at the fact that I’ve been riding myself for the few minutes either verbally or mentally, with worry about this or that, and that I’ve been essentially giving MYSELF a Purple Nurple! 😯 Not an ACTUAL one but certainly a mental one.

So I cry out to the Universe and thus myself those dreaded words that are no longer dreaded “UNCLE, UNCLE!” and I immediately feel smile come on my face and I feel better.

As Abraham says: “Just give it up!”

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1 Sydney January 18, 2010 at 9:55 am

Today I appreciate a day of fun & friends
and the incredible sense of abundance that they bring to my life – especially when we’re meeting up in Saratoga!

I appreciate this long weekend and all the relaxation it has brought

I appreciate the opportunity to learn about HUNA and the HA Ritual – the power of breath and deep emotion it transmits so resonates with me – thanks Marge for making this possible

I appreciate more evidence that the light is returning for longer stretches of time each day -talk about an I CAN DO IT inspiration – I love it!

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2 Maryann January 18, 2010 at 1:09 pm

I appreciate a day off to do a little shopping by myself, taking my time and savoring all that I see.

I appreciate having the apartment to myself for a few hours. I love it.

I appreciate the great job the road crews have done today clearing the roads, making them safe and clear.

I appreciate the bright beautiful sun out today, warming the earth and my bones. Delicious!

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