by Ellie

What are you Being right now?

Today I Appreciate….

  • Being – 10 relaxing days in PR reminded me of this statement – “You are not a Human Doing … You are a Human Being”

We can get so caught up in the moments of life – in all the doings that are going on around us… we forget about our “being”. I can do do do all day long but if I am not being true to me – the results I get will not be beneficial.

This is a question I ask myself often – “Ellie – what are you Being right now?” — That question brings me back to my true self – puts my mindset back into perspective and aligns me with me.

When I am Being true to me…. my days flow smoothly with much joy! 😉

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1 Carol January 24, 2010 at 1:26 pm

Thanks to Coryelle for keepiong this site going in Ellie’s absence. Wonderful to read your thoughts.

I truly appreciate the wonderful people who took care of our animals in our absence.

Lengthy stuff. I appreciate a wonderful awareness that Ellie shared while we were away. This could apply to any situation. Obviously, we loved being in Rincon and plan to spend more winter time there. We were talking about when we arrived there, and Ellie “accidentally” said, “When we moved here…..” She looked at me and remarked at what a powerful statement that was. And since then, we have been talking about our having moved there earlier this month. Today, I was listening to an MP3 of Wayne Dyer, The Power of Intention, who speaks of (I wish I could remember his exact wording) speaking of something we desire as though we are already in that situation. And that’s exactly what happened. Since we all know there are no accidents, I now feel assured that this move to Rincon for winter months has happened – we just need to catch up to it. I am appreciative of that.

And I want to share something else Wayne Dyer said. We often ask the question, “But how…..?” How do we manifest more abundance? How do we manifest greater inner peace? Wayne’s answer is to just say “yes.” Just say yes to Source. Just say yes to the god within us – to the good within us. That is the “How.” That really resonated with me, and i appreciate having been exposed to that insight today.

Upon returning to work, I learned that the best boss I ever had who left this job about three months ago is scheduled to return to work here in her previous capacity on 2/1/10. I am appreciative of that. And another co-worker who was out of work for an extended time due to a life-threatening illness is now back with us at work. Two wonderful situations to return to. I appreciate them both.

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2 Sydney January 24, 2010 at 8:02 pm

I appreciate your return and fabulous photos – Carol and Ellie you may have just inspired another big birthday celebration 🙂

I appreciate all the friendly and helpful people I encountered during my weekend trip out to Columbus Ohio – fellow passengers who helped me with my bags down the stairs to the tar mat; those who got me better seats and directions and those who were simply pleasant

I appreciate all the love and laughter I experienced this weekend – it was a pleasure to discover that there are many more members of my extended family that I truly enjoy than I had expected.

I appreciate being back in the comfortable arms of “home” and its familiar surroundings

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