Birds Singing

by Guest Writer

Birds singing

Guest post by Flavia Daay

Today I Appreciate….

  • Birds – The birds outside my window singing their hearts out- They are so delight-full! I love the variety of their songs. I love that they are just being who they are. They have no concern whatsoever about what time of the day it is or who might hear them –they just have a purpose and they fulfill it!

Hearing them reminds me of being in Hawaii and waking up to the exquisite pleasure of birds songs. They allow me to remember that well-being is the nature of our world and that I can connect with it by simply being present and taking it in.


About Flavia:
Flavia Daay is a Law of Attraction coach who is passionate about helping people reawaken within themselves a memory of who they truly are- the free, joyful, confident, clear-minded and eager for life person….. Catch up with Flavia at

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