Blue Skies and 42 Degrees….

by Coryelle

Blue Skies

Today I Appreciate….

  • Blue Skies and 45 Degrees – I got so excited today when I looked at the thermometer and it read 42 degrees! I ran outside (appreciating that I only had 2 layers on instead of 4) and the sun hit my face. There was very little wind and so it was in my opinion a perfect winter day. I  looked up and saw the blue sky and a big smile came on my face.:-D

Then I started laughing, I was actually GIDDY that it was 40-42 degrees! Some of you have read in Ellie’s previous posts that with being here in the mountains, the winters with the snow and wind can get pretty interesting. I was even giddier when I saw that in some places the snow had melted and I could actually see grass. It felt like spring to me and that just made my heart sing the whole day.

I felt so good that I did a 2-hour hike in the woods, everywhere snow was melting and grass was popping out around me.

  • I appreciate that the sky was such a magnificent blue
  • I appreciate that I did not have to wear my parka today
  • I appreciate being able to get back into nature and take a much needed walk.

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1 Carol January 17, 2010 at 9:50 am

I appreiate having no expectations today and no one having expectations of me.

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2 Maryann January 17, 2010 at 6:52 pm

I appreciate a day filled with quiet, reading and sleep. No demands, doing what I want to do.

I appreciate a good story that carries you into a different reality. I hope to create some of my own stories in the future.

I appreciate used bookstores and all the little treasures within. Mick and I went to several yesterday and came back with several little gems to enjoy. I truly appreciate having a partner who shares my love of reading.

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