Coming Home

by Ellie

Today I Appreciate….

Coming Home – We arrived home from our 12 day trip late last night… Yes the temperatures are a bit different here than they were in the Caribbean and Florida.  😉  And while I had an Awesome time on this vacation …. there is always that warm fuzzy feeling when I walk in the door of our house… Ahhh I’m home. 🙂

And this time we had a greeting committee. Kuva our dog and Missy our cat were there to greet us. Coryelle – our goodest friend and neighbor brought them up to the house about 1 hour before we got in so they would be there with us. I soooo appreciate that!

Today I am off to gather the other 2 dogs, Shae & Emmy and also our parrot Zowie… then the whole family will be home together.  🙂

I appreciate going away and I appreciate coming home! 😀

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1 Carol March 24, 2010 at 8:34 pm

I so appreciate the people who care for our pets while we are away – special mention must go to Coryelle for going above and beyond in seeing that Kuva and Missy were not only taken care of but were also given a lot of love and attention. The dog and cat are petitioning us to go away again so Coryelle can care for them!

I appreciate the wonderful boos I have – probably the best ever. Today was my first day back to work, and we IM’d back and forth and about cruising, work matters, and new schedules. She si sooooo great!

I appreciate the new schedule offered to me for work. Less sitting at one time, and breaks in between to run errands. I think it’s going to work out just right.

I appreciate my real estate friend who emailed me today and is ready to go house hunting on Monday. Can’t wait!

I appreciate Ellie for being a great traveling buddy – we had lots of fun and new experiences!

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