Creative Ideas Flowing

by Ellie

Creative Ideas Flowing...

Today I Appreciate….

  • Creative Ideas Flowing – Yesterday morning after I meditated I felt this surge of ideas flowing through me. I wanted to get right up and start at least 22 projects at once! 😉

Instead I let these creative ideas flow – swirling in and out with them… Imagining what could be… Seeing them in my minds eye… Letting them get bigger, bolder, brighter….

It was a wonder-filled place to be and I am still on a high from them. I am glad I took the time to be in them instead of jumping up and doing.

What do you appreciate today?

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1 Maryann February 11, 2010 at 8:35 am

I appreciate that in the area where I live and work the snow was light and managable. In fact it had a pretty delicateness that snow can be.

I appreciate what I perceive to be a growing union in the medical field of the scientific and natural worlds. I believe the natural world holds so much vital information; the scientific/man-made world has the ability to build upon that and take it in many different directions. As people become more aware that preserving the planet will benefit us in ways such as this, the more we will all benefit.

I appreciate a good book to get lost in. I am currently reading a novel in which the story draws me in the seconds I lay eyes on the text. I get lost in a different world, where time is non-existent and everything else melts away, for a while. It relaxes me so.

I appreciate that job opportunities are manifesting in my agency. Whatever happens for me, in my desire for a new job, is all good.

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2 Sydney February 11, 2010 at 2:24 pm

I appreciate the snow storm that wasn’t in my area 12 inch expectation turning into a 1/2 inch of manifestation: thank you PUM you remain the very best!

I appreciate my dentist’s attention to detail in both his work and his patients’ comfort level – I greatly appreciate his recognition of my need for additional novicain BEFORE I went through the roof!

I appreciate reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances – recently Facebook has had a flurry of activity by people I went to junior high and high school with and some folks I haven’t seen or spoken with in decades have resurfaced…. what fun

I appreciate the unexpected return of a jeweler whose work I adore, Theresa Grizone, to this week’s craft fair and that she hadn’t sold the bracelet I lusted over at Christmas time. Seems it is not adjustable and several women found it either too big or too small; while it continues to fit me perfectly. HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY TO ME – and again, Thank you PUM and Thank you Theresa for the very generous discount.
I even found a nice understated piece for my girl… to quote the infamous Mr. T “I love it when a plan comes together”

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3 Carol February 11, 2010 at 10:32 pm

I have been planning on purchasing a particular, previously-owned and nicely-broken-in car for a few months. I spend a lot of time looking at it and researchig it and planning for it. Today, Ellie and I took a test-drive in a car similar to it. I was very impressed with the ride, but slightly disappointed in the lack of softness in the seats. But it was fun to “feel” it. I appreciate that opportunity.

This evening, Ellie “happened” to put on the public TV station just as Black music was being celebrated at the White House. What a wonderful concert – and totally unexpected. I loved it, and even heard one of my all-time-favorites, Joan Baez!

I appreciate a delightful meal I had with Ellie – another Thanksgiving. Turkey dinner at Boston Market. A delightful treat.

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