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Today I Appreciate….

I love being with people who have that hunger for knowledge. The hunger that drives us all to learn new things, have new experiences, step out of the box and sing the song of our hearts.

We stepped into new ground last night… and while the group credits me — I give the credit to these Magnificent Creators. They are eager to take those steps and lovingly uplift each other along the way.

It is an honor for me to facilitate them and I feel blessed that they allow me to participate in their journeys.

Are you following your curiosity and singing the song of your heart?

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1 Maryann December 15, 2009 at 2:23 pm

I appreciate the miracles that are available at the pharmacy. While I appreciate holistic approaches to healing, I also have a healthy respect for Western medicine and feel that there is a good balance between the two approaches.

I appreciate the balmy weather we are experiences. I do not miss the cold harsh winds. I am taking a big breath and savoring the warmth. These little patches of calm are wonderful.

I appreciate the music the Beatles created. I am presently listening to the soundtrack to Across the Universe, a movie that uses all Beatles music. That is what I love about it – their renditions are awesome, but it translates wonderfully with other artists. To me, their music is straight-forward, honest and yet so melodic; the lyrics either breezy or deceptively simple, and poetic. I believe they truly gave a tremendous gift to the world.

I appreciate the new tool Ellie gave us at the Focus Group last night. I am already using it to help me alter and shift some vibrations I am having lately. It is deceptively simple (like the Beatles) yet I think very very important.

I am beginning to feel, perhaps for the first time in my life, that there is something out there for me, something juicy, wonderful and fabulous. That is available to me, that I am worthy, capable and able to have wonderful things going for me. With more attention and practice, I know I will feel this even more fully. I want every day to be the best it can be, for me to feel the best I can be. It is about time!

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