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Today I Appreciate….

  • Daydreaming – Today was a day of thoughts and ideas flowing …. Daydreaming.

No action on my part – just allowing the ideas to flow. Some of them I jotted down… but most of them I allowed to meander in and out… as I went here and there with them.

It was an inspiring and soothing journey.   😉

What do you appreciate today?

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1 Maryann January 27, 2010 at 10:08 am

I appreciate that my first day back to work is great: productive, clear-headed and busy yet calm. I am taking this vibration and running with it!

I appreciate that my handsome boyfriend, who has the week off, drove me into work this morning. He will do this for the rest of the week and also pick me up. This is a luxury I will lap up and fully enjoy.

I appreciate all the possibilities that I have available to me. I am working hard on my allowing it all to happen. Ellie had a great meeting Monday night that as usual really boosted me up and provided wonderful tips and inspiration. Thanks Ellie!

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2 Carol January 27, 2010 at 12:48 pm

Today (and for the last couple days) I appreciate the cds by Wayne Dyer called “The Power of Intention” that I have been listening to going back and forth from work. He has inspired me to try some new things and to expand my desires and expectations. Also gave me the idea for a new exercise that I can’t wait to continue doing tomorrow when I’m off from work.

I appreciate having gotten together with the LOA group on Monday. Heard some wonderful things going on in people’s lives that just “filled” me up.

I appreciate the act of contemplating the expansion and pleasures I am looking forward to in life.

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