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Time Delay

Today I Appreciate….

  • Delays – Yesterday I was on my way to pick up my friend and neighbor, Coryelle at the train station in Hudson, NY. She was on her way back from Germany and had gotten the 4:40 train out of Penn Station. That would get her into Hudson at about 6:40pm.

I left home about 5:15 that gave me enough time to get gas and arrive just a few minutes before the train… About 1/2 through the trip my cell phone was beeping – it had messages for me. I listened in and it was Coryelle telling me her train was late leaving NYC… and she would be about 1 hour late. She had called me earlier but we don’t get cell phone reception where we live and at the 1/2 point was the first time I had reception.

So there I was 1/2 to Hudson and 1/2 to home…. What to do? Well I could get upset – I could get mad at the train … mad at the cell phone company for not having reception throughout our area… OR …. I could go get a chocolate shake!

The shake won as it was the thing that brought a smile to my face!  🙂  So I went a little out of my way – got my chocolate shake … then enjoyed a leisurely ride through Catskill NY drinking my chocolate shake and listening to Abraham tapes!

Delay? What delay – I had a leisure ride enjoying the beautiful Catskill mountains while enjoying a scrumptious chocolate shake as I listened to my favorite person to listen to!

Life is Good! 😀

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1 Coryelle April 16, 2010 at 3:37 pm

Chocolate shake? where was mine? 🙂

Today I appreciate that amazingly I got on one of the last flights out of Germany before they closed all of Europe to any flights in or out!

I appreciate so much being home, Waking up in my bed, with my cat and the quiet and Spring blooming all around me.

I appreciate that Elle came and picked me up!

I appreciate allowing myself the time to be tired from traveling.

I appreciate the seeing the bluebird couple that is building their nest in one of my houses.

I appreciate my husband and best friend Stephan.

Yes - I Appreciate that too! Thumb up 0

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