Everyday Has Opportunities

by Ellie

Balloons of Opportunities

Today I Appreciate….

Everyday has Opportunities – And I get to choose if I see the Stunning Opportunity or the Yucky Problem.  😉

It really is that simple – isn’t it? I can call something bad or good … each evoke an emotional response from me… One gives me a headache and the other gives me joy… So – why are there still times I see things as problems?

I am pretty good at flipping things and finding the opportunities… but I don’t always do it right away. Last week I had an experience that has brought me to another level of understanding… The story was much too long to write here – so I posted it over at Living the Law of Attraction

Do you appreciate the problems and find a way to call them an opportunity?

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1 Maryann March 10, 2010 at 1:54 pm

I appreciate the good things that I have in my life. I have it all, I really do. And there is more where that is coming from!

I appreciate that I chose to not join in on a negativity-fest at work today. I chose instead to be thankful for the job I have, that my bills are being paid and that things are improving here.

I appreciate that my math skills are still pretty good!

I appreciate that no matter what, everything is going to be ok!

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2 Carol March 10, 2010 at 5:50 pm

I appreciate that I have an early day today – xstarts early and ends early.

I appreciate the warmth of the day. Went out on an errand this afternoon and enjoyed the temperature. Aahhh……

I appreciate that everything is working like clock-work in preparation for our trip.

I too appreciate choosing to avoid a complaining session, brief though it was, at work today. All is well!

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