Feel So Much Better…

by Ellie

Sun burst of Feeling Good!

Today I Appreciate….

  • Feeling so much better – Wow I didn’t realize how yucky I had been feeling till I got up today and was feeling good!

These last 2+ weeks – I really didn’t want to put my attention on not feeling good…. but when it is in your face that is not easy to do!

Today I feel my energy coming back – and I wanted to do a gazillions things! Hmmm doing a gazillion things is what got me here…. So I didn’t push it – I took time to meditate – did a few things around the house and basically took it easy and appreciated feeling good!  🙂

Do you take time to appreciate how good you feel?

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1 Carol December 6, 2009 at 11:57 am

Today I appreciate the feeling of excitement. Excitement about what? Well, I could make a list of things — basically, excitement about opening up to possibilities. Yes, LOA says you can be, do or have anything you want. Do I believe that? Well, I want to believe it, and I do have some touchstones to prove that things have happened that I would have never thought possible earlier in my life. So, I am at least in the hope realm regarding many things and in the knowing realm regarding a couple things. And that is exciting!

My work is allowing. And I have been astounded by what I am allowing coming “out of the blue.” We all know what that means.

Thank you, Universe………

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