Finding the Diamond…

by Ellie

There is always a diamond....

Today I Appreciate….

  • Finding the Diamond – I found the diamond today! A real diamond?

The diamond called opportunity…. When something doesn’t go the way I wanted it to – I always say “In that pile of garbage there is a diamond and I am going to find it” Finding it isn’t hard – I just need to stay in that appreciation mode!

Today I had planned to finish up that paperwork in my office …. I got a call from Carol – one of our tenants, over 1 hr away, did not have heat. Carol was at her job and couldn’t get there… So I abandoned my paperwork, got in the car…. and off I went.

I was not upset… instead I said OK Universe… let’s see how this transpires… and I plugged in my mp3 player that is filled with Abraham recordings. This was a new recording that I hadn’t heard before… so the drive was pleasant and inspiring.

I got to the house – I could not see why the furnace wasn’t working – Carol was able to call a repairman who came within the hour. The fix was 1-2-3 …. So in a couple of hours I was back on the road listening to Abraham again.

Not the way I had planned my day… but still it was a pleasant day…

I had found the Diamond! 😀

Do you find the Diamonds in your day?

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1 Maryann February 7, 2010 at 10:10 am

I appreciate talking with my parents, especially when they are in Florida and share with me their goings on. I think their stay in Florida is rejuvenating, especially for my father. He plays golf and shuffleboard, and fishes in between. There are many other retired couples they hang with, so there is always something for them to do. I am glad they have had the opportunity to enjoy their retirement as they have wanted.

I appreciate my growing awareness of LOA and how it applies to my life. I work every day to check in on my feelings, self talk and have actually started to dream again. This was a suprising revelation. I think I dreamed little dreams, here and there, but I don’t remember dreaming about my future in a long time. Very slowly I am beginning to see hope, that I really am the creator of my reality and that I can direct that change with conscious purpose, as opposed to creating unconsciously and feeling a victim in life. This is a very powerful realization for me. I can feel it in my bones…

I appreciate my health, for what I currently have and what I am creating. Again, probably for the first time ever, I feel as though I am consciously aware of my power when it concerns my body and health. It truly is exciting. It is taking some practice, but I know in time I will SHINE.

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2 Carol February 7, 2010 at 12:34 pm

Wow – I appreciate the reminder not to make assumptions. Ellie made yesterday’s experience into a pleasurable adventure, and I was judging it as an inconvenience. Hmmm

Even though I have to work today, I do enjoy my co-workers.

I appreciate that someone suggested ordering Chinese food. Yummie.

And another extremely easy ride into work today. I really appreciate working on the weekends – so much easier!

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