Getting Up the Driveway (well at least half way)

by Ellie

My car halfway up the driveway

Today I Appreciate….

  • Getting Up the Driveway – (well at least halfway up!) I don’t even know how much snow we have anymore! At least 45 inches…. maybe more!

Yesterday we did get a break and the snow was slow… my driveway had been plowed the best they were able to… and down the driveway I went with walls of snow on both sides of me. I went into town for a few things…. then back up our road, which is steep…. everything was going good…

Turned into the driveway… at that point you really don’t want to loose momentum this is a long steep driveway…. I was slipping but I was going up… just getting to the last turn…..and I stopped.

I backed it up a little – tried again… Well the result is what you see in the photo…. It slipped and turned and went sideways… I got out – got my groceries and walked the rest of the way.

I called the guy who plows to see if he could help…. I haven’t heard back from him as I guess he is very busy. So later today I’ll try again…. and eventually we will get it up the rest of the way!  😀

I have never seen so much snow fall in such a short time – this is definitely a new experience! Spring is just a few weeks away! 😉

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