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Today I Appreciate Giving

Guest post by Tia Singh

Today I Appreciate:

  • Giving – The gift that keeps on giving. I’ve started a 29 gifts in 29 days project again and a week into it, I am filled with appreciation for the power of giving.

Each time I give, I get.

We all give daily, often without thinking.  We give smiles, a lending hand, support, gifts.

Ever thought of taking it to the next level though? Giving consciously,  making a decision to give something to someone every day, makes me aware of just HOW much I have to be grateful for in my life! And makes it an integral part of my day that I look forward to doing.

So today I appreciate

  • Abundance: all the comforts of life that I don’t take for granted
  • Ability: to give and receive love and kindness
  • Attitude: of gratitude and appreciation  🙂

What about you? If you’re interested in the project, check it out here


About Tia:
Tia Singh is a Life Coach and Lover of Life, Fun Monger and Joyous person who blogs about taking Inspired Action and Conscious Creation at

What Do You Appreciate Today?

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