Good Friends, Laughter, Dennys, More Laughter

by Ellie

Laughing with Good Friends

Today I Appreciate…..

  • Good Friends – I was at a Halloween seance last night with good friends, kindred spirits. It is so nice to love and be loved by people who you resonate with.
  • Laughing… Laughing… Laughing…. Whenever I am with these friends we do sooo much laughing – The best high I have ever had!
  • Denny’s – Yes the restaurant chain. At least once a week my friends and I go to Denny’s — The food? Well it’s food.. The staff is great – they always seat us a bit away from the others as they know we will be laughing & laughing and many of the staff join in our exuberance!

Oh how great it feels just to be silly and laugh.. Kids know this – they laugh just for laughing – they are spontaneous, silly and far from reserved. We should all let our inner kids out to play more often!  😀

Join in the laughter and joy – Tell us what you appreciate today!

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1 Trudy October 31, 2009 at 10:41 am

Today I appreciate that the dogs got up at usual time and did their business but happily came back to bed so I could enjoy a little sleep in on the weekend…

I appreciate all the people that made me feel special on my birthday yesterday…

I appreciate my friend Tina who always provides me with spiritual enlightenment and positive energy

I appreciate having plans for Halloween tonight and a great friend to celebrate it with…

I appreciate mother nature’s beauty today on a temperate but windy day as I was walking the dogs…

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2 Maryann October 31, 2009 at 12:35 pm

1. Good friends and a good bonfire. Celebrated Samhain/Halloween last night with my honey and closest friends. Good food and lots of laughter afterwards. We could see the full moon overhead. It was beautiful.

2. My ability to take care of myself and listen to what my Inner Voice is telling me. As a pagan this time of year is crazy busy. I could go to another celebration tonight but I also have one tomorrow night that I don’t want to miss. My IV says it wants to stay home, relax, not run around and stay dry. I feel good making the decision to do this.

3. Good stories. Just finished “Let Me In” – a swedish vampire story that is not your typical story. Lots of depth, texture to the characters. The writer has spun an absorbing story that will stay with me for a long time.

4. That I have had the money to take care of my sick kitten. Get him the attention and medicine he needs to get better. He is an absolute joy to have around.

5. A quiet lazy day to enjoy. My bf and I will go grocery shopping, read, play games and watch a Buffy/X Files marathon tonight. In our cozy little apartment away from the wind and rain. I think I’ll make a special desert!

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3 Janet November 1, 2009 at 6:16 am

My appreciation of simple joys of waking up in a warm bed in the comfort of my amazing family…….that perfect cup of coffee…..fireplace roaring…….the Sunday paper……..
I drive over the road……see our beautiful country…..blessed to meet great servers in restaurants….and fellow drivers who open doors for me…… blessed to have a job that rewards me with travel…… inspiration…….I am so blessed yesterday that what I thought I had lost……. love came back into my life……I deserve the best……….you do too……

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4 Sydney November 1, 2009 at 10:40 am

I appreciate all the fun and laughter of this glorious Samhain weekend
I appreciate last night’s wind rain & freaky warmth that created the most perfect series of eerie darkend cloud formations across grey night sky, backlit by the full moon.
I appreciate the discovery that with a little attention on my Inner Voice I DO have a sense of directions… even in the wilds of Stephtown and Petersburgh at 1AM
that kept me awake and brought me safely home.
After last night I especially appreciate this morning’s clear skies and bright sunshine along with the added bonus of an extra hour of sleep 🙂

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5 Ellie November 1, 2009 at 1:44 pm

Trudy Extra sleep is always appreciated! 😉
Maryann Hope you enjoyed your *lazy* day. I too appreciate those!
Janet You speak of my favorite – *perfect cup of coffee*
Sydney So you were in the wilds of Stephtown on Halloween – perfect time to be in the wilds! 🙂

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