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Day 15 Gratitude Challenge

Today this stood out for me at Nicole’s post:

For us to truly facilitate that state of healing, we need to do our best to step out of resistance and into flow.

Those of you who have been in my classes know I teach a “Making Peace Process” that facilitates stepping out of resistance and into the flow of life – the flow of wellness.

What that basically is – is making peace with whatever is going on in the moment. What Is – Is – You can’t change what has gone on… and your resistance to it will keep you in conflict. If I have resistance – my attention is on that thing I don’t like … which means I am actually calling that thing to me with my vibration!

If I continue to turn my attention to something I appreciate …. I continue to step back into that flow of life…

Here is my list of 5 things I appreciate today:

  1. I appreciate my body! I’m not 7 anymore … so this body has been working for quite a few years!  😉
  2. I appreciate that there is always something to appreciate! It’s true – no matter what is going on – you can always find something to appreciate which will give you some relief and start to bring you back to that flow…
  3. I appreciate that I have choices – I can choose how to respond to a situation … and I can change that response at any given time.
  4. I appreciate my willingness to pay attention to how I feel – When I am aware of me … I can then take whatever steps feel right for me to bring me to my balance.
  5. I appreciate all the different modalities I can turn to when I’m out of balance … and find which ones are appropriate for me.

Come and step into the flow of life and share what you appreciate with us!  😉

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1 Carol Makowski January 16, 2015 at 1:02 am

I appreciate that the engine light was not on in my car today.
I appreciate listening to the founder of our company speak this evening.
I appreciate that the temperature hit 20s today.
I appreciate that the sun was out today.
I appreciate that I’m going to bed in just a few minutes.

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