Kuva – My Birthday Boy

by Ellie

Kuva the Birthday Boy

Today I Appreciate….

  • Kuva – my 100lb Chocolate Lab. Today is his birthday – he is now eleven years old! We first saw him was he was just a few days old – he was the only one in the litter with a white star on his chest… which is how we could tell him from the rest of his brothers and sisters.

We brought him home just shy of 8 weeks old. The first night he was a little disoriented and after that he slept through the night. He potty trained quickly and never, ever had an accident in my house. Of course when he was little we, the humans, were well trained and got him out quickly and on time!  😉

I’m told he is very smart – I guess I always took that for granted. In my other house I would put him out in the yard on a long rope – inevitably he would get caught around the table in the yard… and out I would go to unravel him. Well I didn’t unravel him – I would show him the way to unravel himself…. then one cold afternoon I really didn’t want to go out So I stood at the door and told him go that way and pointed — and he started to go. He went around once and he was free! After that – he was always able to unravel himself – even if he was around the table a few times.

He knows the name of his toys and will bring you what you ask for. He understands the difference if you tell him go to the front of the house versus go to the back of the house. When Carol first met him we were at my house – later in the evening I told him to go upstairs… and up he went. Carol turned to me “He just went up the stairs!” she said… “Well yeah – that is what I told him to do”

Is he so smart? Well he and I communicate and he has always paid close attention to me and I have always talked to him and told him what I was doing or what was going on. So I guess we have good communication. My friend Coryelle Kramer is a animal communicator – I don’t communicate like she does… but I am aware that Kuva and I absolutely understand each other. I know what he is saying by the type of bark he barks or a look on his face.

kuvafrisbeeHe is my Gentle Brown Bear… Kuva Bear is what I call him. He has never hurt anything – he always wants you to pet him and he wants to kiss you — as you can see in our photo above!

His most favorite toy is a frisbee. We have several of them throughout the yard. He will run and run all day for one. I don’t throw then high – I throw them level so he gets to run but not jump too high.

While frisbee rates high in his best things to do – He actually prefers going into the pond to get rocks. He has been going into the water and diving for rocks since he is about 6 months old. He will dive under and come up with a boulder and then parade it around as though he just made the best catch of the day! Of course I always tell him his rock is special and beautiful!

His other very high on the list best thing to do is sing! Yes he truly sings – he absolutely loves to sing! If he is sleeping and I start singing in the house – he will jump up in song! No – I am not exaggerating nor kidding! When he was little – I would sing to him and tell him to sing with me – it didn’t take him long to catch on … and he has been singing ever since! He has taught our other 2 dogs, Shae & Emmy, to sing with him… though we tell him and he knows – he is the Lead Singer. Here is a video of them singing:

In his 11 years he has taught me much, He has never held a grudge… he is always ready to be your friend no matter what you just said or did. A few years ago he was in a situation where he got bit on his ear. He did not bite back… he just walked away – I was in the house and heard the yelp – I’m glad I walked over to him as I then realized blood was pouring out from the tip of his ear. It was hard to see the blood on him because he is so dark… when I saw all the blood I knew we were going to the emergency vet which is an hour away. I held his ear up in the car and Carol drove…. there was a point I thought he might be going into shock from the blood loss – So I just kept talking to him and making sure he responded to me.

The took him right away as it was an artery that needed to be stitched – he came out with his head all bandaged and a big collar on and he was licking everybody! When we got back to the house the dog that bit him was there…. He was not afraid of her nor was he nasty – he let her smell him and then went about his business. Could we all do the same?

He was with Gale when she made her transition and was with me as I learned how to cope with that. He helped me smile on days I felt I had nothing to smile about.

I could continue to write stories and stories about him…. He is a joy in my life – he has been a constant for the last 11 years. I came here to write a short appreciation and wish him a Happy Birthday… the words continued to flow as the tears of appreciation and love flow down my face…

Yes Kuva Bear I love you – we have been through a lot together in the last 11 years and you have taught me well! Happy Birthday my dear, dear friend!

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1 Maryann November 5, 2009 at 9:57 am

Another awesome parking spot! 2nd time this week. Woo hoo!

The pattern of living I am creating with my bf. We moved in together about 5 months ago and while the transition has had a few bumps, overall it has gone very smoothly. We are getting our routines set, our considerations for the other person realized and the flow is going really nicely. He is a pretty good roommate and even better partner!

WMHT radio. I listen to it in the morning on my way to work. I LOVE it. They play all classical music. It helps to set up my day rather nicely. They often play beautiful, optimistic-sounding music that puts a smile on my face. A great way to start the day.

Blissful ignorance. This is something I practice hard at when it comes to my current work environment. I work hard to avoid getting involved in all the petty stuff. Presently there are a group of people here not very happy and I stay clear of them when they get talking. I won’t get dragged down in the negativity!

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2 Carol November 5, 2009 at 8:55 pm

Today, I want to chime in on appreciation for the birthday boy, Kuva Bear. He is the biggest dog I have ever lived with! And what’s more, he has a BIG heart also.

Kuva is loving, accepting and allowing. He now has to share his life with two renegade female dogs who do not share his manners or gentility, and he does very well with them. Well, sometimes he tells his mother if they are on his bed and he wants to go to sleep.

Kuva is the smartest dog I’ve ever lived with. My dogs past and present were bright and fun, but this guy is beyond. Ellie can tell him to go get a toy by name — go get Gumpie — and he comes back with the right toy. That blows my mind every time he does it.

It’s a pleasure and an honor to have Kuva Bear in my life. I love him, and I wish him a happy, happy birthday!!

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3 Evelyn Lim November 5, 2009 at 9:45 pm

Happy Birthday to Kuva too! You are so lucky to have each other 🙂

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4 Ellie November 6, 2009 at 2:13 am

Big Thanks for sending Kuva Birthday wishes! I send you Big Hugs and Kuva sends you Big Licks! 😀

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5 Coryelle Kramer~Animal Communicator November 6, 2009 at 4:14 pm

Kuva my friend Happy Birthday,
it was nice to sing Happy Birthday to YOU for once!
You are a absolute character who always makes me laugh and I love you dearly.
Ellie, this is simply an amazing post, that brought tears to my eyes.
The stories that you have shared with me about Kuva and the thoughts he has shared with me make me smile every time. His philosophy about make makes life great is so simple yet so beautiful, a rock, a Frisbee, a person to lick and kiss and a song to sing. Animals continue every single day to amaze in their allowing and trusting in the Universe. Thanks for sharing Kuva’s Birthday with all of us.

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