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Today I Appreciate….

  • Laughter – I appreciate smiles, giggles, guffaws and I love belly laughing that gets my eyes watering. Laughing for me is the essence of life. A sense of humor helps us make the best of things and adds joy and zest to life. Many years ago I launched the desire to laugh more, to be more light hearted and playful and voila! These days I have a very sensitive funny bone! I really appreciate and milk the laughter that I do experience and through the LOA it grows into more. I sense funny things everywhere and I can’t stop laughing! It’s become such an ingrained, delicious reaction! I especially appreciate laughing at the jokes between me and my inner being.

My inner being whispers the funniest things to me and I’m sure I must look like a crazy (but happy) person sometimes. I really don’t care. Abraham Hicks says’ “humor is non physical essence reflected through a physical being that is willing to be light enough to let it flow”. Yes! Yes! Yes!! I am hooked on this feeling!

Not only does laughing feel good but it has a beneficial effect on our overall well-being. Physically it strengthens the immune system, boosts energy levels, decreases pain, lowers stress hormones, relaxes muscles etc. Laughter also has social and emotional benefits. It connects us to others, improves mood, helps diffuse conflict, strengthens relationships –because let’s face it the best laugh is a shared laugh! Even though I will say that I’ve learned that laughing by myself feels really good tooJ

If you want to read more about bringing more humor and laughter into your life check this link out:


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Flavia Daay is a Law of Attraction coach who is passionate about helping people reawaken within themselves a memory of who they truly are- the free, joyful, confident, clear-minded and eager for life person….. Catch up with Flavia at

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1 Sydney March 14, 2010 at 9:18 pm

Today I appreciate light and heat. After a mere 2 hours without power I became acutely aware of the myriad of ways that we are dependent upon electricity despite years of experience with the loss of power and numerous ‘back up’ plans we found ourselves impatiently watching the clock on cell phone.

I appreciate all the options available for take out.

I appreciate knowing that things always work out for me even when it appears to be the opposite – today’s massage appt. was cancelled at the last minute, but now I have one for tomorrow night when I won’t be rushed and it will be the perfect end to the first day of the week.

Yes - I Appreciate that too! Thumb up 0

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