Law of Attraction Carnival

by Ellie

Law of Attraction Carnival #61

Today I Appreciate….

  • Law of Attraction Carnival – I have been involved with the Law of Attraction Carnival since February 2008…. Because of this carnival I have met many new friends and have been introduced to new blogs and websites.

For the last year I have been co-hosting this carnival with Suzie Cheel – I’m pretty sure that is where I first met Suzie was at a Law of Attraction carnival! Though we have never met in person – I consider Suzie my friend and we live on the opposite side of the world!

The carnival is posted once a month at each of our blogs – Suzie’s website – Abundance Highway and my site Living The Law Of Attraction

The carnival lists articles that are related to the Law of Attraction – always articles that are uplifting, full of passion or that make you think….

This month’s Law of Attraction Carnival is now posted with some great articles & poems at Suzie’s website – Go on over and enjoy!

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1 Sydney April 2, 2010 at 1:40 pm

Today I appreciate this absolutely brilliant beautiful day

I appreciate that things always work out for me; especially when I follow my gutt (on inner guidance)

I appreciate my partner’s willingness to explore painting our living room a color

I appreciate my growing willingness to follow my own truth

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2 Maryann April 2, 2010 at 3:16 pm

I appreciate this glorious day. The sun feels sooo good.

I appreciate the quiet in the office today.

I appreciate the good parking spot today. Hurrah!

I appreciate all the good things that keep entering my life.

I appreciate that everything works out for me.

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