Let Go

by Ellie

What happened to my plans?

Today I Appreciate….

  • Let Go – Yesterday I got some info that our reservations for next week were not the way we had planned!  😯

We purposely booked this cruise early so we could get our room in the back of the ship – now I am looking at papers that say we are on the side of the ship.

What?! Let me make a phone call and get this all straightened out….

I made the phone call and found out it was indeed true our reservations where not going to be the way we booked them. And the woman I was talking didn’t really care and she was not very pleasant at all…. At one point she was basically calling me a liar!

How could this be happening?!  I first needed to get myself centered… OK this doesn’t have to be a bad thing… this is just something that is happening…. I could hang onto this and stay frustrated all week and possible put a damper on our vacation …. or …. I could Let it Go…

I Let it Go! I let it go by realizing this is not a bad thing – it is just different than I thought it was going to be… And it is quite possible that this could turn out to be the best room we have every had!  🙂

Letting Go Feels Much Better! 😀

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1 Sydney March 6, 2010 at 8:02 am

Today I appreciate waking up to full sunshine and being warm enough NOT to turn on the heater in the back room
COME ON SPRING you can do it – I can feel you just around the bend and we are soooo ready

I appreciate getting back to my yoga class this morning

I appreciate knowing that soon Chris and I can start playing in the dirt again. It still amazes me that I have turned out to be someone who likes to play in the dirt; not to mention Chris and her dislike of ‘dirty hands’ but we agree that somehow it’s very different when the ‘dirt’ is in the garden…life…yea like playing in life… I can hardly wait!

Yes - I Appreciate that too! Thumb up 0

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