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#MaMo on Twitter

Today I Appreciate….

  • #MaMo – What the heck is #MaMo? Well that is exactly what I said yesterday while I was on Twitter! And Nancy from Affirming Spirit answered my question — #MaMo stands for Manifesting Mondays!

Still confused? Well Nancy, who is known as @AffirmingSpirit on Twitter, sent me a link that explains all about it – #MaMo: Manifesting Mondays on Twitter

What is so special about #MaMo? As I was on the computer I was checking in with Twitter and reading all the tweets that were going out about #MaMo The energy of these folks was feeling soooo good! All these people, most have never met each other, and each were sending out encouraging, powerfilled and loving thoughts! It was such a great energy to be in!

I will definitely have to check back in next Monday!   Big thanks to Nancy and the #MaMo gang!  😉

What do you appreciate today?

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1 Maryann February 2, 2010 at 11:27 am

I appreciate the wonderful time I had last night! I went to a Imbolc gathering at my teacher’s house. She lives in an old beautiful farmhouse full of antiques. We had a lovely ritual, a lovely meal and then listened to music provided by a bagpiper (indoor pipes).

I appreciate the effect the Process is having on my thoughts and actions. I am working on a part of me that has probably affected most if not all parts of my life. It has been hard but I have gritted my teeth, done the work and something is shifting. I can feel it.

I appreciate that many of the people I communicate with for my job appreciate the hard work I do. It feels good to be recognized for what you do day after day.

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