Meditation …

by Ellie

Meditation is soothing and centering

Today I Appreciate….

  • Meditating… I have a very loose, comfortable style of meditating…

Most days I meditate for just 10-15 minutes and even less on some days. Then there are the days I will use a music cd and meditate for 1/2 hour or more.

I have come to trust that I do not need to be rigid and have a rigid practice… I just go with the flow… I meditate because I enjoy those few minutes… there is a centering, a quieting that soothes me.

I hear people say they don’t have time to meditate – I understand that – I’ve been there-done that. But once I started to do it with consistency – not 1/2 hour but just 5 minutes to quiet my mind – I absolutely feel the benefits. Today I know I am taking the time to honor myself and I have realized I really don’t have time to not meditate.

Try it – Take 5 minutes every day – sit quiet – pay attention to your breathing – the thoughts will run here & there – just focus on your breathing… Do this for 7 days in a row and I know you will feel a benefit! 😉

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1 Maryann December 10, 2009 at 9:55 am

I appreciate a good night’s sleep. Invigorating, cleansing and stabilizing.

I appreciate the antics of my baby kitten, Gimli. He is so energetic, happy and curious. I get so much enjoyment watching him and playing with him. But the best is when he curls up on you and takes a nap. He has the most content look on his face. After all that whirl-wind activity, it is perhaps the sweetest of all.

I appreciate all the little suprises and treats I manifest for my self. They spice things up.

I appreciate my health and the vibrancy that is slowly developing within me.

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