Meeting New Friends

by Ellie

New Friends from the Abraham Cruise

Today I Appreciate….

  • Meeting New Friends – While we were on the cruise we met so many new friends! Some we interacted with often throughout our stay and others we met briefly on the elevator, on line for breakfast or on our way to an excursion.

From the Abraham group we met folks from all over the world as well as the US. It was so great to exchange ideas, stories or a simple smile and hello during the day.  🙂

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1 Maryann March 22, 2010 at 12:09 pm

I appreciate that my life is so good.

I appreciate all the wonderful friends I saw this weekend. I caught up with a lot of people and had some wonderful food. It was a very action-packed weekend but it was all worth it!

I appreciate the wonderful music of Libana, a all-woman group of singers and drummers that performed at the Old Songs location on Saturday. They harmonize so beautifully and one of their CD’s is a treasured part of my music collection. They were wonderful to see and hear perform and it was a great night!

I appreciate that no matter what, everything works out for me!

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