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by Ellie

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Day 7 Gratitude Challenge

I Appreciate Money!

You do … don’t you?! It is a tool that we utilize in our daily living… Yet many times people are mad at money. Being mad at money is the best way to keep it away from you!

If you have anger, frustration, fear around money … you are literally holding the door closed to it. Start appreciating it – be thankful for the money you have in your life .. and open that door!

Nicole has written a great post on this today –

Here are the 5 things I Appreciate today:

  1. I appreciate money!
  2. I appreciate the things money can buy.
  3. I appreciate my bills: Having bills means I have items and services that I enjoy.
  4. I appreciate knowing money is energy: Energy is always flowing… Money is not different – I just have to keep appreciating it and the flow will get stronger & stronger!
  5. I appreciate wealth: Wealth is abundance … abundance of health, friends, love, knowledge, and more … it is all energy and it is all flowing.

The more you appreciate – the more things you will have to appreciate! Keep the flow flowing!  😀

Please share what you appreciate today…..


What Do You Appreciate Today?

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