Mowing the Lawn, Birds Singing & Mountains…

by Ellie

I Appreciate mowing the lawn

Today I Appreciate…..

  • Mowing the Lawn – Well specifically mowing with the riding mower. Still some would say that is a silly thing to appreciate – Why would you want to spend time mowing the lawn?

I moved to upstate NY 23 years ago this October. I came from an apartment house and moved into the boonies – I absolutely love it! While I had a yard to mow – it was not quite big enough to warrant a riding mower… and always I had this dream of mowing my Big lawn with a riding mower….

August 2006 – Carol & I moved into this gorgeous setting still within the same county which has 3.7 acres – about 2 acres need to be mowed – Alleluia I needed a riding mower!

Every time I sit on that riding mower – I am so aware I am living one of my dreams – I truly get goose bumps (what I like to call truth-bumps). Yesterday it was an unusual balmy 67 degrees here in upstate NY — So I got out my mower and mowed away….. It is like meditation for me!  😉

  • Birds singing – this time of year there are different songs being sung… I’m hearing more and more chickadees everyday.
  • Mountains – The view on this property is gorgeous – we are surrounded by all that lawn, birds and mountains – As a kid in Queens NY – I always dreamed of living like this – I am living my dreams and now have new dreams to live!  😀

redarrow_rOne person’s appreciation list can be so different than the next person. It is so nice to come here and read all the different things that people deem special in their life. I hope you will share yours!

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1 Carol November 2, 2009 at 1:09 am

This morning, as I got in my car to drive to work (yes, I work every other Sunday), I was thinking about the appreciation list. And I thought how much I appreciate my car. Yes, I appreciate my car — a car that is 10+ years old and has been around a lot of blocks a lot of times — because it starts right up for me every day, every time, whether it’s warm, or cold, or anywhere in between. I appreciate my car because it fits me just right. I am very comfortable with the size of it, and the placement of the foot pedals and steering wheel and seats. Very comfortable. And I love the way it handles and is so easy to park. I truly enjoy driving my car.

And I love my pets. When I get up in the wee hours of the morning, they get up with me. They know the routine so well — the more I thought about, the more I realized that they taught me the routine. They go out — they come in — they eat — they chill out. the bird watches all this with the dog. And the cat gets up and waits very patiently for her breakfast while I take care of the dogs first. They all know the timing and priorities of our little morning “dance.” I love being greeted by them each morning as the day begins.

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2 Ellie November 2, 2009 at 3:03 am

Hi Carol
Thanks for sharing your “appreciation list”!

Yes – I am sure the animals have taught you the routine. They are good teachers – aren’t they? 😉

I, too, appreciate my car — It’s a Jeep thing! 😀

Biggest Hugs to You!

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