My Birthday

by Ellie

Happy Birthday Ellie

Today I Appreciate….

  • My Birthday – Today, 12/28, is my Birthday…. And I’m celebrating and appreciating!

What am I doing to celebrate? I run a Law of Attraction Focus Group on the 2nd & 4th Monday of each month and today is a meeting day. For me, this is a Fantastic present – as I Love this group! I admire their willingness to learn and expand! They are Magnificent, Blessed Creators! If you are in the Albany, NY area – join us!

How old am I? Today I am….. 8 yrs old! OK – I don’t look 8 …. obviously my physical body has been on this planet longer than 8 years…   😯     I am talking about the essence of an 8 yr old — Life is filled with wonder and they believe nothing is impossible! That is the perspective I strive to attain everyday!

Who is in the photo above? This was from my birthday party at my niece’s house a couple of years ago. Left to Right – my sister – Marie / my niece – Carrie Ann holding her daughter Leah / my sister-in-law – Margie / me – Ellie / my niece – Jennifer / in the front my niece Debra

I’ve received so many emails, messages on Twitter and Facebook and Birthday cards! Thank You I Appreciate You All!  😀

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1 Carol December 28, 2009 at 1:51 pm

Oh Boy! Today is a HUGE appreciation………. I appreciate the day, my Honey’s 8th birthday. No, I am not a cradle robber — my Honey is 8 yrs old today and every day. I am appreciating all the birthday wishes coming in for her, and we will be with friends this evening. What a “wonnerful” day, as Ed Sullivan used to say.

I appreciate the day off and being able to sleep in today. Soooo good.

I appreciate the heat in the house — feels so good on this wintry day. Particularly since there was a little “opportunity” in this area a couple days ago.

I appreciate our washing machine and dryer — what great conveniences.

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2 Maryann December 28, 2009 at 1:56 pm

I appreciate the nice people at Dunkin Donuts who found my driver’s license. They were so nice and they saved me a lot of trouble by saving it for me!

I appreciate the wonderful parking spot I got this morning. Less time in the cold! Hurray!

I appreciate my wonderful Mick, who really is a truly special person on this planet. He is so full of magick and so alive. I admit at times it is challenging living with him but it is so worth it.

I appreciate all the wonderful gifts I received this holiday season. So many people gave me things that really showed they know me and what I like. It felt good.

I appreciate the wonderful people that are in my life. I am so blessed.

Like Carol, I too am appreciative of the wonderful labor-saving devices that I have access to. I can’t imagine me cleaning my clothes by hand. I just can’t. And don’t want to!

I apprecaite that Ellie and Carol are in my life. That is a true blessing.

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3 Suzie Cheel December 28, 2009 at 2:44 pm

Happy Happy Birthday I appeciate you and all that you do and love that you are my friend

Celebrate well Fellow Cap

Love & Hugs

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