My Tongue!

by Guest Writer


Guest post by Flavia Daay

Today I Appreciate….

  • My Tongue – I know….It feels weird to say but have you ever thought about how precious it is? We don’t give it that much attention but it really deserves some praise. It helps us eat (and taste and savor that which we eat), chew, swallow, speak in articulate ways, vocalize, blow bubble gum, whistle, lick an envelope. It’s one of the fastest healing organs and it provides sensual pleasure of all kinds lol  🙂  I love and appreciate my tongue!

Oh and that’s just human tongues! Animal tongues do way more!  😀


About Flavia:
Flavia Daay is a Law of Attraction coach who is passionate about helping people reawaken within themselves a memory of who they truly are- the free, joyful, confident, clear-minded and eager for life person….. Catch up with Flavia at

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