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Today I Appreciate….

  • Nature & Technology – I love to be in nature, which is why I moved from Queens NY up here in the boonies. As I drive through the picturesque mountains to our quaint little town I still marvel at the scenery after 24 years of driving up here.

And now since our big snow fall the sun and warmth has melted all that snow and the grass has returned.  😉  Also the deers and the turkeys have returned and today I sat here at my computer and was able to watch them as they grazed on the grass.

And while I have been on my computer I have been able to watch a barn owl named Molly in her nest with 3 owlets and 2 more eggs to hatch. This has been a fantastic experience! And we are able to view it because of the technology that exists today. If you would like to see Molly and her brood – you can go to this web page ->

What do you appreciate today?

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