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Golden Weeping Willow Tree

Today I Appreciate….

  • Weeping Willow Trees
  • – I Love Willow trees! When I see them I have images in my head.. I *see* a person sitting under the tree reading a great book… Or best friends sitting under the tree as they talk about their dreams and inspirations…. Or two lovers sitting in this glorious shade as they talk about their future together….

This year Carol and I planted a Golden Weeping Willow tree down by our pond. Her name is Woo Woo Willow… and I swear I can see her growing already.

She isn’t quite ready to sit under yet… but I have such great joy when I go down to water her and see how she is doing…

I know her future will be filled with people who appreciate her beauty and her soothing shade. 🙂

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Pause Bracelet

Today I Appreciate….

  • My New Pause Bracelet – I received this bracelet several days ago and I have been wearing it ever since!

What makes it so special? It is called the “pause bracelet” – every 90 minutes it vibrates reminding you to take time to pause. Well for me … this is the perfect bracelet for the “Timer Process” – If you don’t know what the “Timer Process” is…. See Video 2 in the “You Can Create The Life You Desire” Free Video Series

The capsule sits on the inside of your wrist and emits a vibration, a buzz, every 90 minutes. It is just enough to get your attention but not too loud that others can hear it.

I am totally loving this! Every 90 minutes I am purposely becoming aware of how I feel and taking the moment to appreciate! 😀

The creators of this fabulous bracelet, Krizia & Cindy, have shared with me a discount code that you can use for a $10 discount on your purchase!

Website: Meaning To Pause
Discount Code: Abraham

Let me know if you get one and how you are using it!

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by Ellie

I appreciate the hum of the hummingbirds

Today I Appreciate….

  • Hummingbirds – I have been so enjoying these marvelous little beings this summer! The sound of that distinct hum of their wings brings a smile to my face.

The feeder is on our front porch and they are zooming around here all day long. They quickly got used to us being right there by them…. it doesn’t phase them a bit. A few times they have startled me as they zoom right past my nose!

They are delight to watch and give me many moments to appreciate! 😀

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Post image for Patio Tomato Plant

Today I Appreciate….

  • Our Patio Tomato Plant – This tomato plant is the best! See that juicy tomato ready to be picked? Well we have already picked and eaten at least 6 of these in July!

I am thrilled to be eating our own tomatoes this early in the season! Usually we aren’t able to start picking till mid August. And…. there are a bunch more green ones on that plant getting ready to ripen….

Now I am off to have a Tomato Sandwich! 😉

What do you appreciate today?

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Good Friends

by Ellie

I appreciate good friends

Today I Appreciate….

  • Spending time with good friends…. Saturday we visited at a friends home… Walked down to the creek…. Had good food – good conversation and lots of laughs.

    Sunday we met some friends over in Saratoga Springs… Another day of good conversation and laughs.

    I so appreciate all the joy and laughter! 😀

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  • I’m Back…

    by Ellie

    Back to share appreciations

    So… I never really went away… nor did I ever stop appreciating… but I did stop posting here….

    So why did I stop posting? I was doing this and that and the other thing…. Started to feel stressed about posting an appreciation – Doesn’t sound like a good way to appreciate! 😉

    But… here is what I have realized … I Love sharing and I Love when others share — So I just need to not worry if I posted a photo with my share or did I share a big long list… Instead I am going to be easy and breezy about this… and hope you share along with me! 😉

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    Helping Hands…

    by Carol

    Post image for Helping Hands…

    Guest post by Carol

    Today I Appreciate….

    • Helping Hands – May 4th, I was conducting some business in Troy, and was at a house on 4th Ave.  This was shortly after that severe storm had passed by with tremendous, sudden wind and rain. I looked down as I walked up the 3 or 4 stairs on the stoop and saw something that didn’t register at first – then I recognized it as a baby bird laying on the cement step. I continued up and put something in the person’s mailbox, and coming down the stairs, I saw another baby bird on another stair.

    One was gone from the physical world, but the other was still moving slightly. By instinct, I scooped up the little bird and put him in my car so he wouldn’t die by himself on the hard cement. In coming to retrieve him, I saw 2 more babies in the same condition, and scooped them up as well. I figured they would pass over in the next 10-15 minutes. I had over an hour’s drive home with another stop on the way.

    As I peeked at the little birds, they seemed to be moving more. They weren’t dead. On my next stop, I found an old sheet I had in the trunk for my dogs, and nestled the birds in that. They cuddled together and seemed more comfortable.

    As I got closer to home and noticed that the three little ones were still breathing, I began to say to myself, “Now what?” I figured between our friend, Coryelle, who knows a lot about birds, and Ellie, who knows a lot about everything, we could figure something out.

    Upon reaching home, I emptied the car and then showed the little ones to Ellie. She called Coryelle, and we got on the Internet. These little ones needed a special formula and feeding every 15 minutes. Well, that wasn’t going to happen. Our vet was closed by this time. Ellie called the emergency vet who put us in touch with a Wild Life Rescue person who lives 7 minutes from us. The Wild Life Rescue person asked if we could bring them to him. If he lived in California, I would have brought them to him! Yes, we could. He said he had four baby raccoons coming in also.

    Off we went with the little creatures. The man took them in and made them comfy and warm and was about to prepare some food when the raccoons came in.

    I don’t know what will become of these little ones, but at least they were left in the hands of someone who cared and knows how to care for them. And at least they weren’t left for dead on cement stairs.

    In Schoharie County, there is a resource for animals from the wild who need care: Wildlife Alive, PO Box 410, 167 Llama Lane, Middleburgh, NY 12122 (518-827-7733).

    PS. We “serendipitously” 😉  heard from a woman who is now caring for the little ones, and a week later they are still alive and doing well!

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    Post image for A Little Knowledge

    Guest post by Carol

    Today I Appreciate….

    • A Little Knowledge – I appreciate a little knowledge which can go a long way.

    Yes, we are Do-It-Yourself people (DIY) when we can put some time together. Latest projects – fixing the rider lawn mower because the belt kept falling off.  Ellie took care of that!  Running well now.

    What to do when the kitchen cabinets are leaning forward and seem to be coming away from the wall?  Call the DIY-ers.  We actually were able to stabilize them and started the process of refinishing them.

    I appreciate the feeling of accomplishment and the knowledge that we can take care of some things ourselves.  (And also, it is good to know when it is appropriate to “call the guy!”)

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    Post image for So Many Things…

    Guest post by Carol

    Today I Appreciate….

    • So Many Things – Where to begin….

    What comes to mind first is laughing.  We were out with friends last evening and had so many laughs.  I don’t know what was better – the fun interaction or the entertainment.  The answer is both.  It is so good to laugh.  Laughing just feels good.

    And right behind it is the synchronicity of “events.”  I have a business transaction going on that has attracted the two greatest people.  They make business fun.  Whether this deal goes through or not really doesn’t matter – though my preference is that it would.  It’s the getting together and finding and putting these deals together that is the joy – the clay to be molded.  And that feels good.

    So what’s the common denominator here – seems to be fun and good times.  Yes, I do appreciate that!

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    This is a Magnificent Week!

    Today I Appreciate….

    • A Magnificent Week – You have a choice today… You can see the week before you as a regular week or you can proclaim it to be “Magnificent Week”!

    During a Magnificent Week the world looks brighter – The people before you are friendly and helpful – Opportunities come to you – Your creativity soars – You feel light, happy, joyful – It is Magnificent!

    The choice is yours…. Which do you choose?

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