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Cleaning up the paperwork

Today I Appreciate….

  • Paperwork – OK I don’t really like to do paperwork…. And my office is not quite as bad as that woman in the image… Or is it?  😯

The papers can get out of hand in my office…. I need to file this I’ll put it here for later… I want to read this I’ll put it there till I get to it… here and there and here and there…. I’ll get to it all later, I’m busy now…. Ugh – it can get overwhelming….

Today I took some time and started to go through papers… Amazing how many I was able to throw out! While I am not yet done… Just starting gave me relief. I have more to do – just knowing I got some of it done today feels good.  🙂

What do you appreciate today?

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1 Maryann February 6, 2010 at 6:09 pm

I appreciate sleeping in. Sometimes it is just the ticket. I needed the extra sleep and I felt great when I woke up.

I appreciate an easy grocery shopping trip. The store wasn’t too crowded, we didn’t have to get a ton of stuff and there wasn’t a line for the cashier. And we don’t have to go again for another week. Hurrah!

I appreciate a day with a little relaxation and a little work. Nicely balanced; I got some chores done (cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming) and was able to watch some tv and read. I feel like I both accomplished things and got some relaxation.

I appreciate me. I’m pretty cool.

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2 Carol February 6, 2010 at 6:36 pm

OMG – we are on the same wave length. I’ve been cleaning up paper work – throwing out, organizing. A work in progress which has a good start! Even at work – everybody is cleaning up our dept dept. a huge confidential recycle bin – I mean huge – was filled with old papers yesterday and old booklets tossed also. Must be “in the air.”

Also appreciative of a very easy ride in to work today. Traffic was “in the flow,” people moving around in their cars almost in a rhythm.

I appreciate Ellie for covering a situation that I was unable to take care of today – at great inconvenience to herself.

And I appreciate the worker who helped by making a repair.

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