by Ellie

I appreciate playing...

Today I Appreciate…..

  • Playing… I Love to Play! This evening our goodest friend, Coryelle, came over — we ordered pizza – around here that is a 14 mile round trip drive .. but it is worth it. Then we got out the Wii game. We haven’t played in months – I guess since the beginning of spring. We had pizza, we talked, we played Wii Sports and we laughed & laughed! 😀
  • I so appreciate my ability to let my “kid” come out to play. Hmm some may say that kid never goes in! 😉
  • I so appreciate like-minded people – Carol & Coryelle are also kids and they love to play and laugh.
  • Pizza, Wii, Good Friends & Laughing = perfect evening!

Are you appreciating that “kid” inside of you that loves to play & laugh?

What Do You Appreciate Today?

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