Random Acts of Kindness

by Ellie

Random Acts of Kindness

Today I Appreciate….

  • Random Acts of Kindness – Have you ever parked the car at the meter put your coins in and off you went to your appointment. A while later you look down at your watch and realize – Your meter time expired 10 minutes ago! Off you go running to your car… (especially if this is in NYC as the fines are stiff) You get there huffing and puffing – look at the meter and see it has another 1/2 hour on it!

What happened? Someone gave you a “Random Act of Kindness”  Yes I have had it happen for me and I have given it back on many occasions. 🙂

  • How about at the thruway toll booth – Go ahead and pay for the car behind you. What a great feeling it is – especially when the car tries to catch up to see if they know you… And they are happily waving big thanks to you!
  • The other day I was driving towards town – the car coming in the opposite direction flicked his lights at me… Ahhh another “Random Act of Kindness” – They were letting me know the trooper was hiding down the road! Sure enough I saw the trooper, as I was doing 55mph… as I passed the trooper I saw a car coming towards me – Yes I flicked my lights and saw him wave to me as he went by.
  • A few weeks ago diners in Philadelphia paid another table’s check which started out a chain reaction of kindness! You can read about it here > Restaurant Diners Pay it Forward All Day Long

Random Acts of Kindness or Paying it Forward are Fun to give and Fun to receive! 😀

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1 jack frank looking eagle victree January 2, 2010 at 9:48 am

i appreciate how i feel love all the time && how EVERYONE is getting that were all one & everyones light is brighter & brighter—community is coming together. scarcity of dollars is helping us detach from materialism. friends are getting closer. this is going to be a kick ass fun, miraculous year! such a business. i appreciate how when crap comes up, i go back to feeling good. victree

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2 Carol January 2, 2010 at 1:19 pm

Yeah, Jack. I so embrace your prediction for a kick-ass year 2010!!

On Saturdays, the recycle station is open in our Town, and that’s where we have to bring our garbage. I so appreciate that it is located only literally 2 minutes from our house.

We bought our house in the summer, so I did not know how much I would appreciate the set up for the cars. On the end of the house is a 2-car garage with all our outdoor “stuff,” and then a 2-car car port attached to the garage. I NEVER have to scrape my car windows in the morning, and I never have to get wet to go to my car in the morning. I love it!

I have an “abundance” intention set out for 2010. It just so happened that a bunch of changes are converging all at once at this time – the change of the year: the structure of my job, becoming business partners with my real estate friend, and other things. I will have such fun this year “getting my hands in the clay” and fine tuning these things and observing them unfold. I appreciate that opportunity.

I appreciate this site — I love seeing what others are appreciating. It is so uplifting. Thank you, Ellie, and all the contributors.

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3 Mehdi February 9, 2012 at 4:16 am

I made bkfareast for someone for their birthday. It was totally unexpected and they were very grateful..

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