Rocks, Friendships & Summer Days

by Ellie

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Yes … I’m back! And… Yes that is me holding those rocks!

Why am I back and Why am I holding rocks?

My good friend Suzie Cheel told me about a  30 day Gratitude Challenge that her friend Nicole was doing on her website. Off to the website I went and read all the info. At #2 she said get a gratitude rock … Well she hooked me right then … because I am obsessed with rocks! I love rocks … big, small, fancy, plain … I am truly obsessed!  😀

And of course to talk about Gratitude … I call it Appreciation … but it is the same vibration … which is the energy of Love.

I’m starting out at Day 4 – it doesn’t matter when you join … Come on in an join us!

You can read all about the 30 days to Gratitude at Nicole’s blog.

1) I have my journal .. which I already use on a daily basis.
2) I have 2 rocks! It was very hard for me to just pick one!  😉
3) And I’m willing to put the time in to do this…

Here is my short version of today’s journal of 5 things :

  1. Rocks … I don’t know why … but I feel totally connected to them!
  2. Summer Days … I am totally a warm-climate kinda gal. I love the sunshine, the warm breezes, the flower & trees, and hearing the birds sing their songs.
  3. Friendships … Nicole talked about friendships on Day 4 . I have many friendships to be grateful for. And because of the internet I have friends whom I never even met in person … yet our connection runs deep.
  4. Butterflies … This morning while I was writing I was greeted by so many butterflies – I am always thrilled when they visit.
  5. Website skills… I was going to start the 30 days 2 days ago … but this site needed to be updated. Which turned out to be an interesting experience!  😯   So it took much longer than I had planned … but it is up and running and I do appreciate that!  😉

Lets keep these good vibes going …. Let me know what you are grateful for, what you appreciate. You can comment here and you can also join me over at my facebook page:


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1 Carol July 22, 2012 at 9:50 pm

1. I get such a thrill and feel so very appreciative of the flowers that are growing around the house. I love their vibrant colors and different sizes and shapes.
2. And when I hear the birds sing their songs, especially in the morning becasue there are so many and such a variety, I feel so full with appreciation.

Yes - I Appreciate that too! Thumb up 0
2 Ellie July 23, 2012 at 4:07 pm

Flowers … Birds Singing …. Sign of Warm Climate … which you know makes me smile! 😀

Yes - I Appreciate that too! Thumb up 0

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