Abraham Hicks

Meeting New Friends

by Ellie March 22, 2010
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While we were on the cruise we met so many new friends! Some we interacted with often throughout our stay and others we met briefly on the elevator, on line for breakfast or on our way to an excursion.

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Abraham Cruise

by Ellie March 21, 2010
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We are back from the Abraham Caribbean cruise and staying in Florida for a few days… I am still trying to find the words to describe this wonder-filled experience!

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My Jeep

by Ellie December 31, 2009
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I appreciate my Jeep – I understand now when people say “it’s a jeep thing” — I have this car for 6 years and I still enjoy driving it!

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My Career

by Ellie December 27, 2009
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As Abraham Hicks says – our lifetime career is to seek joy. When you seek joy first all the growth you can imagine will come joyously to you.

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