The Law of The Universe

by Ellie April 15, 2010
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Everything is working in perfect order – I don’t have to yet see that perfect order – I don’t have to fret – I don’t have to worry – I can just Be and Know The Laws of the Universe are orchestrating to bring perfect balance to us all.

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A Really Nice Weekend

by Ellie April 12, 2010
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But both of us were aware of ourselves.. We each took time to appreciate and take care of ourselves… And the weekend was such a Joy!

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Taking a Nap

by Ellie April 11, 2010
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‘m not normally a nap person…. Yesterday around 7pm – I felt myself getting so sleepy… and we had company! Now there was a time I would have made myself stay awake… but …..

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Taking Care of Myself

by Carol April 10, 2010

That led me to realize that I was putting too much pressure on myself and was not taking care of myself. How good it is to put myself first, and then everything else falls into place – what seemed like a responsibility is now a pleasure.

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by Ellie April 9, 2010
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When the electricity in my house went out – it certainly made me aware of how much I appreciate it when it is on!

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by Ellie April 7, 2010
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I just adore being around people who talk about the things they like – the things they appreciate! I call them “Appreciators”…..

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Dancing With The Stars….

by Ellie April 6, 2010
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While I am not a big TV fan…Now that season 10 of Dancing with the Stars is on… You can find Carol and I in front of the TV on Monday & Tuesday nights!

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by Ellie April 5, 2010
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What I truly appreciate is that someone else will do them for you! I used to do them myself but there is so much to know about all the tax laws…. It is so great that someone else knows all that stuff and can do them for me!

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Signs of Spring

by Ellie April 3, 2010
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Grass is starting to grow, geese are coming back, spring birds are singing … and in the middle of the yard this lone purple flower….

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Keeping My Hands in My Pockets

by Ellie March 31, 2010
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Instead of pointing a finger at someone else – I can take full responsibility for my life! The good and the not so good!

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