A Really Nice Weekend

by Ellie April 12, 2010
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But both of us were aware of ourselves.. We each took time to appreciate and take care of ourselves… And the weekend was such a Joy!

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Coming Home

by Ellie March 24, 2010

While I had an Awesome time on this vacation …. there is always that warm fuzzy feeling when I walk in the door of our house… Ahhh I’m home.

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Forgetting Things…

by Ellie February 21, 2010
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Do I really appreciate forgetting things?! Well I do appreciate finding the opportunity in everything that happens…

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Snow Tubing

by Ellie February 19, 2010
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Truth is I appreciate sand and grass more than snow.. The reason I went snow tubing was so I could play with my family. I do appreciate them!

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My Universal Family

by Ellie December 20, 2009

We are indeed all family…. a Universal Family! Enjoy this video and Get Up and Live It!

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PBS Nature Show, Handy People, Family…

by Ellie November 2, 2009
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What do you appreciate in your life? It doesn’t have to be a big thing… Look at me – I got stuck yesterday with the mower (and had to walk about the hill) yet I can find a way to appreciate….
That’s what making “appreciation lists” will do for you – You start to create a habit of appreciation….

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