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Stepping Out of the Box….

by Ellie March 9, 2010
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While they thank me often… it is they whom I thank. I thank them for stepping out of the box …. into the life they came here for!

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Bugs in My Eyes….

by Ellie February 24, 2010
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The dogs risk getting bugs in their eyes because it is a small price to pay for the exhilaration of the thrill of the ride!

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Inner Knowing…

by Ellie December 9, 2009
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The more I take time to meditate – the more I am aware that I am a spiritual being – having a human experience.

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My Answers

by Ellie December 2, 2009
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Are you listening to your inner voice, to what resonates with you? You have your own answers and they are being given to you everyday – Take the time to listen…

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Going with the Flow…

by Ellie November 27, 2009
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Though our Thanksgiving ended up looking nothing like we had planned… I was able to stay in tune with myself – find the positive that was going on around me – listen to my inner voice – and relax. It was a Good Thanksgiving after all!

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Intuition, Inner Voice…

by Ellie November 14, 2009
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We all have this intuition – you feel it – or maybe you hear it. I call it an inner voice – a voiceless voice.

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Hearing My Inner Voice…

by Ellie November 4, 2009
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Tweet Today I Appreciate…. Hearing and paying attention to my Inner Voice. I’m not talking about the brain chatter that rolls around – I call that the “committee members” – The Inner Voice I speak of is your soul – your inner being – your true self. I’m not even sure I hear it as […]

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