by Ellie July 29, 2012
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People ask “What brings you joy?” and I was thinking … the better question is – “Where do you bring joy?” Joy is a state of being … it is the feeling of love. You bring it where ever you bring appreciation / gratitude.

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A Really Nice Weekend

by Ellie April 12, 2010
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But both of us were aware of ourselves.. We each took time to appreciate and take care of ourselves… And the weekend was such a Joy!

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Everyday Has Opportunities

by Ellie March 10, 2010
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Everyday I get to look at life and choose if the situations are Stunning Opportunities or Yucky Problems. It really is that simple – isn’t it? ….

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The Joy in Writing

by Coryelle January 22, 2010
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Doing the daily writings for this site has made me remember I get a lot of joy from writing. Making time everyday to sit at the computer and think of things that I wanted to appreciate felt good.

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Heartfelt Intentions

by Ellie January 3, 2010
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Yesterday I wrote a post about Intentions for the New Year. At the end of the article I asked “What is your intentions for 2010?” Some readers are sharing theirs and I am so enjoying reading all these wonder-filled intentions! It is inspiring and uplifting.

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My Career

by Ellie December 27, 2009
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As Abraham Hicks says – our lifetime career is to seek joy. When you seek joy first all the growth you can imagine will come joyously to you.

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Good Friends, Laughter, Dennys, More Laughter

by Ellie October 31, 2009
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I was at a Halloween seance last night with good friends, kindred spirits. It is so nice to love and be loved by people who you resonate with. I Appreciate…

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